MEP Radacovsky: We should never forget people who fought for liberation from fascism

Miroslav Radačovský has laid flowers to the monument of Eternal Glory in Kyiv

We should never forget people who fought for freedom and liberation from fascism. This was stated by the MEP  from Slovakia Miroslav Radačovský after the laying of flowers to the monument of Eternal Glory in Kyiv.

“This is an important day for me. I’m walking here, I think how my father liberated Kyiv, many of his friends died. He then fought on to Prague. It is very good that there is a monument to these people, the liberators of Kyiv and my father. I think we should never forget that they fought for freedom here – not only for the freedom of Kyiv, for the freedom of all Slavic and non-Slavic peoples against fascism … “, the MEP said.

He also emphasized that a lot has changed lately and different theories have appeared: for example, opinions that the Americans freed Slovakia began to sound.  

“My wife had an uncle, an 18-year-old Slovak who went to the Red Army and fought there as a tankman. But, unfortunately, in January 1945 he died in a tank on the Odra River. What I want to say is: I’m proud (in the European Parliament, I say this all over the world) … the whole of Europe has been sprinkled with the blood of my relatives, but there would never have been a victory in the battle against fascism if there hadn’t been cooperation with the Russians, I mean the Soviet people – Uzbeks, Armenians, Ukrainians. And it’s very beautiful that I’m here,” Radačovský added.

He also emphasized that one should not forget the history and heroes of all time.

“First of all, the young generation needs to be told about this, because, I think, the older generation remembers this… We must speak with youth that people were dying for freedom. For example, when I would meet with young people as the son of a man who fought here, I will told them about it. Because my father didn’t lie about it, then young people should know about it,” the European MP added.  

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  1. Mr Radačovský, Czechoslovakia as it was then, did get liberated from fascism, we saw the result of that freedom an 1968. You would have been 15 years old, got nothing to say about that?

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