Kremlin: Russia’s relations with Poland are ‘at their lowest level’

Relations between Russia and Poland are “at their lowest possible level”, this goes against the interests of the two countries, said Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov on Channel One Russia.

“Our relations with Poland today do not just leave much to be desired, they are bad. They are probably at their lowest level, which is clearly contrary to the interests of our two countries, because the peoples of our two countries would be interested in the opposite,” said Peskov, as quoted by TASS.

Peskov also noted Warsaw’s “confrontational sentiments” and said the Kremlin regretted this. According to Putin’s representative, the interests of the two countries, on the contrary, “dictate” cooperation and mutual dialogue.

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  1. They could make a start by owning up to Smolensk and paying reparations.
    Then they could own up to all the other atrocities they committed against Polish people from Katyn onwards and pay up.

  2. Did Poland invade Russia in 1939? Did Poland subject Russia to 45 years of oppression after the end of the war? Why did all the countries under Soviet serfdom, run as fast as they could towards NATO, after the USSR disintegrated? All former Soviet countries that joined the EU and NATO now have a higher standard of living than Russia, explain all these questions retard, then you will find the answer to why relations are at rock bottom.

    • Off topic: a Libyan savage committed a demonic terror atrocity in a park in Reading yesterday.
      Our weakness is being advertised to the world: showing that we don’t even have the steel needed to kick all izlamonazi sympathizers and their extended families out of the country for good, despite the fact that it would make life safer and less expensive. If we cannot show resolve against izlamonazis, Marxist revolutionaries/BLM/antifa etc, how are we supposed to deal effectively with state terror players such as Russia, China, Syria,
      Iran etc?

      • Reading about a guy getting stabbed in Belgium too. These politicians in the EU that let this vermin in, should be thrown in prison.

        • Agreed. I said for years on mainstream news sites that terror atrocities and violent crimes in general would be noticeably less if each specific Home Office employee that granted asylum to a degenerate that subsequently went on to commit murder and/or a terror offence or rape, would themselves do time for deliberately endangering the public.
          Most times, mods blocked such comments. As they almost always do in the Mail if putler is fingered for an atrocity.

  3. The Poles are a proud people who have finally gained their independence and are enjoying it.
    However they have a long history of betrayal and oppression.
    Almost all of it from Russia.
    So they are deathly afraid history is going to repeat itself. That their allies to the westr will sell them out just like in 38.
    If Russia was smart they would have treated their former satellites with a measure of humility and contrition for past sins like Germany tends to.However Russian only care about being feared and hated.

  4. I cannot recall the relationship between Poland and mafia land ever having been anything else except at the lowest level. Maybe, mafia land should act civilized for once in its history to change that.
    I know … fat chance.

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