Treasures from Kyiv Pechersk Lavra found in Moscow museum (Photo)

Ukrainian archeologist Timur Bobrovsky, who was randomly scrolling through the digitized archives of a Moscow museum, discovered at least 57 precious objects made of gold, silver and precious stones from the sacristies of the Sophia and Assumption Cathedrals of Kyiv.

Most of the items discovered had been previously presumed lost. “But it turned out that they were preserved,” the researcher wrote on Facebook, adding that, unfortunately, they have been stored outside Ukraine. He noted he had discovered them among some 900,000 digitized images of exhibits on the site of Moscow-based State Historical Museum of the Russian Federation.

“I hope that ‘my’ find will be useful to everyone who is not indifferent to the Ukrainian heritage. And it seems there’s still a lot of treasures there,” he wrote. “Of the 119 items listed in the catalog according to the data of the 1930s, I was able to identify 57 Kyiv items on the site, of which at least four dozen were presumed lost forever. And I only looked at part of the digitized collection,” the archaeologist wrote.

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  1. In mafia land, you can see treasures stolen from every country and region that had Ruskie boots upon its soil. Sometimes, even where no Ruskie boots set foot on it (i.e., Poopin stole Robert Kraft’s Super Bowl ring).

  2. An excellent find, good work.

    I expect these were originally stolen by the Nazis and then recovered by Soviet troops and taken to Moscow for ‘safe keeping’.

    I am sure that now identified they will be returned immediately…………….

    Lets not hold our breath though boys.

    • Moskali and Ukrainian oligarchs have stolen these ancient artifacts for many years. The Kremlinals are still claiming a ton of Crimean gold that was on display in (I believe) the Netherlands. The court STILL hasn’t decided who’s property they are. If you can believe that!
      Yanukobytch had a huge stash that he stole too. And the dear current president of Ukraine said that Ukraine is like a prostitute…anyone can have her.
      In true nazi style, such Ukrainian heritage is all over the world and claimed by ruSSki heretics. Time for more lawsuits I guess. I just hope this article won’t slam the door shut to more discoveries.

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