German Bundestag insists on abandoning Nord Stream 2 due to murder in Berlin

The deputy head of the FDP faction Alexander Lamsdorf believes that the reaction of Berlin to the murder of Khangoshvili should be the same as the reaction of the UK to an attempt to poison the Skripals

The German Free Democratic Party (FDP) insists on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s refusal to launch the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline with Russia in connection with the murder of a Georgian citizen Zelimkhan Khangoshvili in Berlin. This position was stated by Alexander Lamsdorf, deputy head of the Free Democratic Party faction in the Bundestag, in a commentary to the Bild newspaper.

“I believe that this murder here in Berlin, really in the very heart of our capital, a few hundred meters from government buildings, is such a tough attack on German sovereignty that we should think three times about whether we should really support such a pipeline that Moscow is laying so that we can get gas from Russia. There are other suppliers who can provide us with gas,” said the German parliamentarian.

In his view, Germany’s participation in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline should be discontinued. In addition, Lamsdorf believes that Berlin’s response to the murder of Khangoshvili should be the same as Britain’s reaction to the attempt to poison the Skripals.

“Let’s think about what happened when Russian intelligence agents tried to kill Sergei Skripal in England. European countries expelled 140 Russian diplomats together,” Lamsdorf said.

On Thursday, the Federal Prosecutor’s Office (GBA) indicted the murder against Russian prisoner Vadim Krasikov, already imprisoned.

Following several months of investigations, the German chief prosecutor decided that the Kremlin had ordered the murder in Berlin.

According to the prosecutor’s office of the Federal Republic of Germany, “the bodies of the central government of the Russian Federation have ordered the liquidation of the accused citizen of Georgia of Chechen origin.” Krasikov accepted and executed this “state order for the murder.”

On August 23, 2019, a former Georgian field commander Zelimkhan Khangoshvili, was killed in Berlin. Earlier, Russia put him on the wanted list, accusing him of terrorism. Khangoshvili left for Germany after another assassination attempt was committed in Georgia in 2015. The killer, a Russian citizen, was detained in Berlin on the same day.

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    • Germans suddenly developing a conscience en masse? Sounds incredibly unlikely. I hope I’m wrong though.

      • Yeah, would be a very interesting response from the Kremlin if it happened. No doubt it will be the fault of everyone but the perpetrators of the various crimes.

      • This is all very convenient since their supreme court decision claiming the pipeline was illegal and non-competitive….and since the US blocked it. It looks like they are trying to find political cover and not try to upset the tiny limping pimple gimp imp.

  1. No doubt, Merkel will stay with Nord Stream II and a working together with mafia land.
    To put it into perspective; a number of years ago, Merkel had initiated a drastic change in the country’s energy production process called the “Energiewende”. In effect, the country’s nuclear power production has been shut down (still in progress) and it is planned to reduce and/or shut down coal-fired power plants too. To provide Germany’s electrical power needs, renewable sources are to be used, i.e. solar, wind, water. The problem is that there was and still is no concept, no plan and no possibility to achieve this Utopian goal.
    Currently, because Germany is far from able to produce the amount of electricity that it needs, it is importing electricity from France, produced by NUCLEAR power plants (yes, the French are laughing all the way to the bank). Additionally, they are buying electricity from Poland, which is produced by COAL-FIRED power plants (Yes, the Poles are laughing all the way to the bank).
    Merkel’s utterly failed energy policy is why she needs mafia gas, to help cushion the people’s already sky-high electrical bills (some of the highest in the world). She does not care that she is dealing with a crime syndicate to achieve her goal.

    • It’s no coincidence that the German decision to halt nuclear power, and rely on Russian gas, came when Schroeder and Putin got their heads together. The result was Schroeder got a top job at Gazprom, and Putin got to blackmail Europe with gas.

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