European Parliament waits for Zelensky’s response to Medvedchuk’s open letter

The MEP Maximilian Krah believes that the government must respond and take into account propositions of opposition leaders

The member of the European Parliament from Germany Dr. Maximilian Krah commented on the open letter of the Chairman of Political Council of the Opposition Platform – For Life Party and MP Viktor Medvedchuk to the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky.

“I am happy that there is one obvious politician in Ukraine who truly supports the Minsk agreements and fights for peace. We now have a new president in Ukraine, but we have no peace. And only Viktor Medvedchuk, who has ties to the international world. And I support this because it is the only real way to end the war in Donbas, it is the standard of all world democracies, especially in Europe, and the government must respond and take into account what opposition leaders offer. When I first heard that there was no reaction to such a letter, I was shocked, to be honest,” Krah said.

He stressed that MEPs spend a lot of EU money to help Ukraine.

“Because we spend a lot of European Union money to help Ukraine and support your efforts. This means that we also expect democratic standards. This means that if opposition leaders write letters and make proposals, the government is obliged to react to them, take into account and respond properly. And I hope it will happen soon,” Maximilian Krah added.

As we reported before, Opposition Platform – For Life insists that Zelensky publicly respond to the letter that Medvedchuk wrote to him.

In a letter to Zelensky, Medvedchuk called on the head of state to accept the reality in which he exists.

“The President must accept the reality in which he exists – the Ukraine you learned about, perhaps even more than you wanted, its problems and difficulties, desires and expectations. But this will inevitably have to be done if you want to build Ukraine, instead of pretending that you are building it, to improve people’s lives, instead of “carry out reforms,” the letter reads.

If you want to make Ukraine a successful country, then you should start with yourself. And to be successful as the President it does not mean to follow the path of concentrating the power, as Yushchenko, Yanukovych and Poroshenko did.

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  1. No 112, the European parliament does not wait for a response from Zelensky to Putin’s puppet. Some useful German idiot representing Russian interests, does not represent the European parliament. You would not need to be a genius to guess which nazi party this scumbag represents, yes you guessed it, AfD. Putin’s nazi ally in Germany,

    • All of Germany is united as never before. But unfortunately in support of the putinazi regime and in hatred of Ukraine.
      How apt, considering that half the entire soviet military and civilian losses in WW2 were in fact Ukrainian. Almost half of the Jews murdered in the Holocaust were Ukrainian. Plus an unknown but large number of Ukrainian Gypsies. Germany was, is and clearly remains a despicable shithole with zero integrity. Krauts are bigger cunts even than putlerstanis, because they are so fucking greasy, sly and duplicitous.
      Ironically, the only party in Germany that opposes the rodent is the relatively small Greens. I say ironically because globally the Greens support the rodent. The vile shill Jill Stein, boss of the US Greens, traveled to putlerstan with another filthy paid shill and Trumpkov man: Gen. Flynn. They sat together at dinner with putler to celebrate the anniversary of RT. For that alone, Stein and Flynn need life imprisonment.

      • The only German I can think of that is openly anti Putin, is Harms, the rest are scumbags of the highest order.

  2. “We now have a new president in Ukraine, but we have no peace.”
    This asshole is a doctor of exactly what? Is there a doctorate for stupidity? In Germanystan, it seems so. A look at the simplistic sentence, quoted above, tells all. It’s in line with other kraut dung, extracting out of Germanystan in recent years. As if a Ukrainian president has it in his or her powers to end the war that mafia land instigated and is involved in. Oh, yes, if Ukraine were to agree to become a serf under Ruskie boots, then the war would end immediately. Is this what these German assholes want?

  3. Tell that to your fellow Nazi, Vald Putin. You, and he, want Ukraine to be weak and easily taken over by Putin. You’ll have to forgive Ukraine when they challenge your desire.

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