Turkish business interested in land reform in Ukraine


Turkish entrepreneurs are interested in changes in the Ukrainian land market legislation, prospects for cooperation in the field of public-private partnership, and the creation of industrial parks and zones.

“I see considerable attention of the Turkish side to changes in legislation on the land market and land reform. The second point is the implementation of legislation in the field of public-private partnership. And another issue is the creation of industrial parks and zones,” Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Turkey Andrii Sybiha said in a commentary to Ukrinform after a meeting with members of the Board of the Association of Crimean Tatar Business People of Turkey, Ukraine and Romania (TURKSİD).

According to him, this topic is always raised during the dialogue with Turkish entrepreneurs and is of interest because technology parks are platforms that attract investment, new technologies, where a new management style is introduced.

“The construction of industrial parks and zones, which is already underway in our country, has had a positive impact on doing business in Ukraine by Turkish companies and will be an additional attraction for business on the whole,” the diplomat said.

According to him, the meetings are held to minimize the effects of the pandemic on bilateral economic relations.

“Of course, the pandemic will have some impact on this dynamic. One of the main tasks of the diplomatic service is to minimize the mutual consequences for joint businesses. To this end, we hold meetings with business people who have practical experience in Ukraine and with those who are still at the stage of studying prospects,” Sybiha said.

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    • They are already there Mike! Rich Turks like to take Ukrainian wives. Unfortunately. There have been regular Turkish flights to Ukraine for many years. Since before they got a putler-like dictator in fact. You can see in Kyiv numerous high end Turkish restaurants to cater for Turkish high rollers.

      • They are everywhere, and it won’t change until the global anti-islamic revolt happened, turning the blue planet red for a while.

        • I would assess the threat factor as follows:
          1/ Russia
          2/ China
          3/ militant Islam (a very distant third).
          The rodent has managed to murder way, way more innocent Christians in Europe this century than the combined efforts of AQ/isis. Even if you add 9/11, the death numbers are still higher from putler.
          I was in Istanbul before Erdogan took over the country (although he was mayor of Istanbul at the time). I was struck by how friendly Turks were towards Brits like me. It is an advanced country: way ahead of putlerite shitholes like Syria and Iran.
          I think Turkey can be brought back into civilization once that asshat Erdogan has gone. Same with Hungary.
          Just as not all Russians are evil, the same can be said of muzloids. The ones that live in Ukraine for example, are exemplary and even get on well with Jews.
          In Tbilisi, Georgia can be seen something unique in the world: a mosque next door to a synagogue. I visited both. A pleasant experience and a way forward for the world.
          But first the putinazi threat must be addressed!

          • Scradge, never underestimate a Muslim’s deep-seated desire to eliminate your way of life and your religion. It says to do so in their Quran. I have had enough to do with Muslims and I trust none of them. Look at all the trouble spots across Europe. Who are the culprits? Their true beings and thoughts are hidden behind smiling masks.

            • Condemn the horrible religion, not the people. Just as not all Russians are evil (the ones that love the rodent certainly are though), not all muzloids are evil. It’s an impossibility. I had a Pakistani friend during my early business career and on pre-invasion visits to Krym befriended a Tatar family with whom I am still in touch. (Tatars are a Turkic people btw). They suffered terribly under Russian rule and are more patriotic to Ukraine than most Ukrainians are. They don’t like Erdogan either. They follow a secular version of Sunni Islam. They quite often drink, their girls and women are free and they don’t wear those hellish clothes we see in the ones from shithole countries.
              Another example : Iran, which has a nazi-like regime and functions as a putler lackey. Yet the Iranians I knew in London were cultured, educated and seriously capitalistic. I even went out with one some years before I got married. She filled out a mini-skirt very nicely, liked a drink and was totally cool.
              There are always exceptions facts.

  1. I can only warn Ukraine to keep these Islamic assholes out of the country. There are far better countries to do business with.

  2. I am not a big fan of the the current Turkish government but Ukraine can not afford to be picky. Whats more Turkey has supported Ukraine more strongly than most of the EU all together.
    Turkey has been supplying Ukraine with drones and secure comms. They also can be a source for naval weapons and systems.

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