“Speculation on death”: Novikov reacted harshly to Venediktova’s request to postpone the court because of the funeral of her father

Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova asks the court to postpone the scheduled June 18 meeting in the case of Petro Poroshenko “because of the impossibility of appearing” due to the burial of his father.

As the lawyer of the ex-president Ilya Novikov said, the corresponding statement of June 16 was made public by the media.

“ Strana.ua has just published a statement by Prosecutor General Venediktova of June 16 to the Pechersk court to adjourn the meeting“ because of the impossibility of Poroshenko’s appearance, because his father’s funeral is scheduled for June 18th. ” Poroshenko’s lawyers allegedly were immediately informed of the application. This is all cynical lies and speculation on death, ”said the defender.

Novikov stressed that Poroshenko, as planned, will appear in court at 15:00 and will object to the postponement of the meeting.

“ The funeral is scheduled for Friday, June 19th. No one contacted lawyers in two days. Farewell to Alexei Ivanovich Poroshenko will be held at 12.00 in the club’s club. Nobody needs the hypocritical care of the Prosecutor General about the feelings of the family, ”he added.

Страна.юа только что опубликовала заявление генпрокурора Венедиктовой от 16 июня в Печерский суд об отложении заседания “по причине невозможности явки Порошенко, т.к. на 18 июня назначены похороны его отца”. Адвокаты Порошенко, якобы сразы были проинформированы о ходадатайстве.
Это всё циничное вранье и спекуляция на смерти. Порошенко явится сегодня в суд в 15:00 и будет возражать против переноса заседания. Похороны назначены на пятницу, 19 июня. С адвокатами за два дня никто не связывался. Прощание с Алексеем Ивановичем Порошенко состоится в 12 в клубе Кабмина. Лицемерная забота генпрокурора о чувствах семьи никому не нужна.

Earlier it was reported that the GDB announced Poroshenko’s announcement of suspicion.

We are talking about a case initiated by the appointment of Sergey Semochko as the first deputy head of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

The ex-president himself noted that the attempt to present a suspicion was illegal, since the prosecutor general had to do it personally.

At the same time, when Poroshenko arrived to receive the suspicion at the Office of the Prosecutor General, the head of the department, Irina Venediktova, fled from the office .

Later, the ex-president’s lawyer assured that his client would arrive at the court hearing on June 18 , despite the fact that he could be taken into custody.

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