Poroshenko’s full statement in court: “Put me in place for Tomos – for me it will be the biggest reward”

On June 18, the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko arrived in the hall of the Pechersk district court of Kiev, which was supposed to choose a preventive measure for him in the framework of the case of “pressure” on the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service in 2018.

However, the court did not choose Poroshenko’s preventive measure – the hearing was postponed until July 1 . HB publishes a full text version of the speech of the ex-president during the court hearing.

“High court. Dear and dear colleagues. Dear reporters. Dear diplomats, who are present in this room. I am very grateful for such a level of international attention to this trash. And trash is not contempt of court. Trash is a verbatim quotation from your attorney general Ryaboshapki, who was 100% “his own person” for your government and who clearly emphasized that everything contained in this so-called case is trash.

Diplomats, MPs will understand me. For Ukrainians who do not speak English very well, I want to explain: trash is rubbish. And this is the assessment of the attorney general. And the place for garbage is in the bucket of the cleaning lady, and not in the Ukrainian court.

It looks especially cynical to me on this day. But Poroshenko does not take bribes, did not take and will not take. I have not heard you announce the announcement of the adjournment of the meeting today. Do I understand correctly that it was a fake and once again you deceived people?

And the second position is why I react so calmly to this: because, reading the legal nonsense set forth in these pieces of paper, I feel what in Soviet times (they will understand me ) was called “a feeling of deep satisfaction.” Because 14 months have passed since the election. And for 14 months, receiving at the expense of taxpayers tens and tens of thousands of hryvnias of wages, dozens (or  maybe hundreds) of prosecutors and the State Bureau of Investigation were exclusively engaged in Poroshenko.

And in 14 months you found these nonsense? What does this mean for society? For society, this means – and it is very important that they hear it now – that everything that you said during the election campaign and after it about corruption, about betrayal, about seizing power, about abuse, is about everything … By the way Your Honor, I want to emphasize that they tried to include high treason here, in this very matter; that they tried to include accusations of seizing state power to the president. It was here. And did not find anything.

And I will express my appreciation of this if, your honor, you either proceed to the consideration of the case on the merits, or do what you have to do – send it back to these persons not established by the court, who for some reason, June 16, on the day of my death father, they completely changed the prosecutor’s group, perhaps because those prosecutors who were here earlier refused to sign and file a charge in court. Maybe. I do not exclude that the legal position remained.

I want to emphasize that all 27 cases that were absolutely illegally brought against me, which included the case of “inciting  religious hatred” by obtaining the Tomos and creating the Orthodox Church of Ukraine … Put me in jail for this case. For me it will be the biggest reward. Or maybe for the case that you have been investigating for 14 months? For the order I gave of a counterattack for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which freed two-thirds of Donbass. And for this case. In order to clearly follow the Russian and Kremlin instructions that Mr. Babikov, who is Yanukovych’s lawyer, brings to you.

And I listened to their argument in a recent court, where I was a witness in the Yanukovych case – the situation is terrible. Or maybe this year the prosecutor’s military guard cannot deal with a case in which Ilya Novikov [Poroshenko’s lawyer, NV] also participated, only protecting Ukrainian sailors from the so-called Russian justice, where the Ukrainian president is accused of November 2018- he gave the order (or it was the authority of the commander of the Navy, but I’m ready to sign every word), when Ukrainian warships were to come to the Ukrainian Sea of ​​Azov along the Ukrainian Kerch Strait to protect the Ukrainian Sea of ​​Azov, the Ukrainian Mariupol and the Ukrainian Berdyansk.

And I am accused of the fact that by that order I provoked Russia to escalate. What country do you live in? Wasn’t 14 months enough for you to figure it out? No. You are trying to play political games. I emphasize: political games must be completed.

* Turns and looks at the camera * Vladimir Alexandrovich, my dear, no one is afraid of you. Neither in this room, nor in the street. And your instructions regarding the planting of Poroshenko is a criminal offense in Ukraine, in Europe, and in the world. Once again, I want to repeat to you: my team and I really love Ukraine. We value and respect the institution of the presidency. You are not an enemy for us, and we should not be afraid. For us, the enemy is Putin, whom you forgot to mention in your interview with Ukrainian truth (by the way, Ukrainian truth, I thank you for your position; Sevgil [Musaeva, editor-in-chief of the publication], happy birthday). And we must unite together in order to protect our state. And we are ready for this.

Dear Ukrainians, why these unidentified persons … * Turns to the side of the prosecution * I inadvertently, I really just do not know your names, as the representative of the defense says. Why did they change the mind? Because it says: “seize your passport”, “restrict travel”, “prohibit travel abroad” – they know that I have to go abroad in order to mobilize the world to defend Ukraine. They are afraid of it.

* Turns to the prosecution * Request: Do not follow criminal orders. * Turns to the camera * Request: don’t be afraid. * Turns to the judge * Request, your honor: send them this garbage and act according to the law. Thank you and glory to Ukraine! “

(c) HB


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