NATO Enhanced Opportunities Partner Status Grants Ukraine Greater Access To Exercises And Intelligence Sharing


The recognition of Ukraine as an Enhanced Opportunities Partner by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) grants the country greater access to exercises and intelligence sharing.

Foreign Affairs Minister Dmytro Kuleba stated this in an interview with Radio NV, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“Our participation in the partnership means access to new joint exercises, trainings, and projects with the Alliance. The second extremely important point is that the partnership provides for in-depth intelligence sharing,” he said.

NATO recognized Ukraine as an Enhanced Opportunities Partner on June 12.

At the same time, Kuleba confirmed that the status of an Enhanced Opportunities Partner is not a step toward a NATO Membership Action Plan (MAP) or NATO membership.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Zelenskyy has said that Ukraine is interested in a NATO Membership Action Plan and that it is ready to accelerate its preparations for NATO membership.

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  1. Ukraine should dump the occupied territories via a referendum and join Nato asap. This is the only realistic solution i see. Once RuSSia fell apart, the territories could vote to return or be independent.

    • Donbas was always the boil on the ass of Ukraine anyway. Time to build a wall around the place, and let Russia have it. That’s what Putin fears most of all. He doesn’t give a fuck about Donbas, it’s just a tool to fuck with Ukraine. Take that tool away. nothing much he could do about it, except invade further into Ukraine, which would be very costly for him.

  2. Does it work both ways? Could putlerite Nato members* leak Ukrainian intel to the rodent in his sewer?
    *Orbanistan, Italy, France (they leak anything to anyone), Germany, Italy, Spain. I wouldn’t trust any of those fucks.

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