Ukrainian diplomats praise language move by McDonald’s

The company stressed that the Ukrainian language is a priority in communication with customers.

Ukrainian Embassy in the United States praised the recent step by McDonald’s Ukrainian office to leave Ukrainian and English the only two languages available for electronic orders, which sparked criticism among some Russian speakers, while other Ukrainians who speak Russian in everyday life have welcomed the move.

“We totally understand @McDonalds, names of food in Ukrainian sound much yummier,” Ukrainian Embassy tweeted.

“Many thanks to the company for their firm position regarding Ukrainian language in the menus of McDonald’s stores in Ukraine,” diplomats wrote.

“Now we can say: ‘Learn Ukrainian with McDonald’s,” the tweet concludes.

In a comment to BBC News Ukraine, the company’s press service said: “According to the language legislation, McDonald’s in Ukraine has Ukrainian as the main language of communication. All official paperwork, advertising, communication on social networks, information on the site and in the consumer’s corner is in the state language.”

The company stressed that the Ukrainian language is a priority in communication with customers.

“However, our staff are ready to switch to Russian if asked to do so,” the company said.

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  1. Surprisingly, given that Ukrainians like full-flavoured cooking, Maccy D’s are very popular there. I wonder if the company runs them or are they franchise outlets? If the latter, I think it would be an excellent investment opportunity. Were it not for the fact that, like many multinationals sadly, McDonalds choose to trade in fascist putlerstan.

    • Not a fan of Macs, prefer Wendy’s any time. Strange they have both Macs and Wendy’s in Georgia, but not Ukraine.

  2. Why the fuck do you need to speak any language in McDonalds?

    FFS, all you do is order from the fucking picture now, I managed it in Kyiv, and I did anyone else can.

    Next thing you know they will be demanding russian is spoken everywhere in the World.

    Worse than us Brits.

    • A big mac is a big mac in any language. Maybe Russians are pissed because there are no rat burgers on the menu.

      • The language nazis are a funny sort. There is one Russian lady in our apartment block in west Ukraine that scolds us standing outside smoking. She always walks by and tells us to speak Russian. We always smile and tell her tseh Ukraina or slava Ukraini while she storms off :))
        Imagine a French guy vacationing in New Zealand demanded that everyone speak French. He’d probably get tossed to the sharks in five minutes. lol

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