First Lady Zelenska Hospitalized Over Covid-19


First Lady Olena Zelenska has been hospitalized over the coronavirus infection Covid-19.

This follows from a report by the Presidential Office, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Last week, she was diagnosed with the coronavirus.

“For now, Olena Zelenska’s diagnosis is Covid-19. Moderately severe bilateral multisegmental pneumonia. No artificial lung ventilation is required. State – stable,” says the report.

The President’s spouse is in isolation and undergoing doctors’ supervision.

PCR-tests based on specimens from President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and their children were negative.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on June 12, the Presidential Office reported that First Lady Zelenska had been tested positive for the coronavirus.

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    • The CCP is a dangerous and deeply evil cult. Australia made some mild comments about the need for an enquiry and was met with a torrent of threats, abuse and lies. The fuckers think they can do whatever they want. Just like their evil comrades: the putinazis.
      Returning to Mrs Zel: I wish her good luck and a speedy recovery. And I sincerely hope that Ukraine can get on top of this stinking virus.
      Georgia seems to be coming out of it well. They are claiming : “COVID-19 case numbers are approximately 260 times lower than the most affected European countries.
      “In comparison to other countries around the world, Georgia has fared better in terms of total number of cases of coronavirus. The country was quick to react with measures, and according to the study, case numbers are approximately 260 times lower than the most affected European countries. With borders reopening 1 July to certain countries, Georgia will be implementing a series of health measures to protect travellers and citizens alike”, – reads the article.

      As the author of the article writes, “European countries have begun opening their borders following restrictions put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, but what destinations offer the safest experiences to hopeful wayfarers? A new report released by travel website European Best Destination has outlined some of the choices. Concentrating on countries least affected by COVID-19, the destinations have also implemented specific protocols concerning hygiene in places like accommodations, restaurants and shops”.
      From 1TV Georgia
      Good for them!

      • Yeah good for them. It was an awful mistake to dump Taiwan in favor of commienazi China. We created this monster and we also have to defeat it. Corona is a planned attack by Nazi China to achieve world domination, i have no doubts. China is dangerous, while RuSSia is mostly a comedy show. Yet both need to be cut back to what they were 20 years ago or the world will go downe sooner or later.

        • Number one priority for the next POTUS. Cut those two shitholes down to size. Unfortunately, as it will be Trumpkov or the old hair-sniffer (who will be controlled by whatever far left woman he chooses as Veep), I don’t have high hopes.

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