Kim Jong-un’s sister threatens South Korea with military action

In addition, Foreign Ministry spokesman said that North Korea will continue to build up its military capabilities in response to alleged threat from United States

North Korean dictator’s sister Kim Yo Chen threatened South Korea with military action by the DPRK army, as Deutsche welle reports.

“Exercising my authority, sanctioned by the supreme leader, our party and the state, I instructed the department responsible for dealing with the enemy to decisively carry out the following action. Our army will also determine something in order to calm the indignation of our people and, of course, will fulfill this,” Kim Jong-un sister said, without providing details about what kind of measures in question.

At the same time, she confirmed her intention to close the department of relations with Seoul in the city in Kesong, calling South Korea ‘the enemy’.

Kim Yo Chen’s statement was voiced a few hours after another North Korean official announced the need for Seoul to stop talking about Pyongyang’s reduction of its nuclear arsenal. The Foreign Ministry spokesman said North Korea will continue to build up its military capabilities in response to an alleged threat from the United States.

In recent months, Kim Yo Chen’s influence has grown amid rumors about her brother’s health problems. In addition to being considered the most influential woman in the DPRK, state-run media recently confirmed that Kim Yo Jong has claimed responsibility for relations with South Korea.

As we reported before, the DPRK leadership seeks to increase the nuclear power of its army and, at an expanded meeting, considered new policy directions to further increase nuclear deterrence, as well as to bring strategic forces to high alert.

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  • Before threatening anyone, this retard needs to start feeding her army by diverting fatboys daily ration, that should be enough for a regiment to live on. If this is a sample of NK soldiers, god help them if they ever met any real soldiers, I’ve seen more meat on a butcher’s pencil.

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  • The Norks live inside a puss-filled boil that needs lancing in order to save them from the crazed Stalinist dynasty dictatorship that runs it. Ditto the other members of the axis of evil: putlerstan, China, Venezuela, Cuba, Syria etc.

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