From tomorrow. The leader of the “DPR” militants Pushilin cancels the increased combat readiness of the occupying forces

The leader of the so-called “ DPR” Denis Pushilin canceled the high alert mode of the occupying forces along the contact line in the Donbass.

The so-called ” decree” of the leader of the terrorists comes into force on June 15. This was reported by the publication Ostrov , citing a statement by Pushilin.

“ Given the changes that have occurred in the operational situation on the line of contact between the period of May 20, 2020, taking into account the results of the verification of the state and military command and control system in conditions of aggravation of the military situation, I order from June 15, 2020 to reduce the degree of combat readiness of Narodnaya’s units police to a level that ensures the safety of citizens, the inviolability of borders and the integrity of the infrastructure of the Donetsk People’s Republic, ”said the leader of the “ DPR ”.

On May 20, it became known that the militants of the pseudo-republic “ DPR / LPR” are putting their troops on full alert because of the alleged “ increased shelling by the Armed Forces of Ukraine”, which was denied by the OSCE SMM.

On the day of increased combat readiness, the Russian occupation forces fired at the positions of the United Forces from various types of weapons, including using 120 mm caliber mortars prohibited by the Minsk protocols.

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