Ukraine today .org has its first 100,000 views!

12 June 2020 –

From Euromaidan in November of 2013 to president Zelensky’s second year in office of 2020, Ukraine Today has been publishing the truth about Ukraine in English for the world to see.

From singing to the Berkut on the Maidan to weeping for hundreds of dead Ukrainian volunteers at Debaltseve, Ukraine Today has been there.

You Followers and Readers make it happen every day. We laugh together, we cry together, we celebrate our victories and we mourn our defeats. But every day we get back up and do it again…for Ukraine.

There are too many to thank but special thanks needs to go out to Sir Foccusser who is always sharp as a razor yet modest and bleeds blue and yellow as though he’s Stepan Bandera himself. To Veth who is relentless with his postings and consistently holding leadership to account. To Mike who is a blessing to all of us and one of Ukraine’s best allies. Mike also shows us if he can do it, we sure as hell can too. To Sir Scradge who carries his hit list in his pocket 24/7 ready to set any RTroll straight and proudly run around the world with the wheat and sky flag.

To Mr. Facts for leading the way with historical facts and steadfast love for the Borderland. To Mr. Mason who always shows up with both barrels loaded. And many others. Thank you!

2020 so far worldwide…

Yes we may show the world Ukraine’s best news daily but here are some other reasons we are here. Slava Ukraini!

Heroyam Slava!!

Smert Moskalam!!

By RedSquareMaidan


  • Congratulations Redders old chap! It seems an appropriate time to repeat a comment I made to Mike yesterday :
    “Here is a good article that would be nice to read for once: ‘the RSM has succeeded. The ruling elite have all been successfully captured. Their assets have been seized. The victims of the dictatorship will get first dibs. All occupation forces have been permanently removed. The new democratically elected government has issued a comprehensive set of apologies for the misdeeds of its predecessors and put a set of tools in place that will ensure that the country remains a peaceful democracy. All nukes to be decommissioned permanently. The military now functioning on the Japanese business model: purely a defence force with no capability for expansionist aggression. The entire Caucasus region will be given back to its original owners.”

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    • Thanks old Chap! That certainly would be a just outcome and long overdue. Very astutely put as always. We will keep the dream alive and hope for a Red Square Maidan. I wonder if our work would be finished then?…

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      • No! It could be just a change of orientation of the site. It could become more of a lifestyle/travel/culture site, with opinions and shared experiences of Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Pribaltika, as well as political analysis/opinions from our home nations. All views welcomed except putlerites, izlamonazis, white supremacists and hard core Marxists who endorse street thuggery.

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  • None of this would have been possible, without Red putting his hands in his pocket and funding this site, you deserve great credit for this. I didn’t think we would still be writing about the terrorists next door, and the useless politicians in Ukraine making a comeback, 6 years after they all disappeared to Russia. I was hoping this war would have been over very quickly, and it would have been except for Russia invading Ukraine, and the most spineless set of Western politicians you could ever wish for.

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    • Thanks F1. I agree, I remember so well the momentary relief when Yanukobytch ran home. The people marched into his house and took pictures, or rather, selfies. I remember thinking, how on earth did he build this in just 2 years? And seeing the documents, paintings, stolen ancient church icons, gold minted with his fucking face on it, the cars, the ostriches, etc. Then, boom, it started up again in the Crimea right after the Sochi Olympics.

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      • If these upcoming sanctions would have been threatened in 2014, Putin would be back in his bunker, and thousands of lives saved. The West betrayed Ukraine, and their democratic values with their inaction, especially the European leaders.

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        • As far as I can tell, Putin has been boxing way over his weight class for 34 years and nobody even took a swipe at him except Erdogan who shot down a couple of ruSSo-goons that flew briefly into Turkey. In 1986 he faced a mob in Dresden and bluffed his way out of it and said the building was full of soldiers pointing guns at them. They were long gone and Putin stayed there to burn documents. I blame the spineless German mob in Dresden, LMAO!

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  • That is truly great. Thanks for the flattery. I wish i could spend more time here, but i’m busy. Also i’m part of a great group on Twitter now. I’m trying to win new followers on Twitter as much as i can, but Ukraine currently doesn’t have a charismatic leader like Yulia or Petro. Instead Ukraine is ruled by a boring puppet of the oligarchs. Can’t believe Ze is a clown, he never made me laugh or at least smile since he took office. Anyway, i will continue to support Ukraine no matter what. Currently my home (Dixie) is being vandalized. Confederate flags being burned, statues taken down, Nascar banned our flag, the pentagon wants to rename military bases named after southern generals… At the moment my heart is bleeding for Dixie more than Ukraine, since we are facing a total humiliation, and all because of a yankee cop from a blue state who killed a black guy. Larisa brought it to the point yesterday when she said ‘the world is broken’. I wish this site and followers further success and want to thank everybody. I know most of you (although not personally) for more than six years, and despite some minor differences i did not regret that i met you for a single moment, in particular focusser, who is a professional editor, unlike myself, and without him none of our three sites would have been a success. I hope this site will last for many years to come, and that you guys stay away from that bat virus! Slava Ukraini!

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    • The irony is that the cop Chauvin may have simply been a thug, rather than a racist. Apparently he knew the victim and moonlighted with him in nightclub security, where they may have crossed swords. Perhaps he had a beef with Mr Floyd? No excuse for what he did, but there may have been no race element at all in the attack.

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      • Perhaps, but nothing will convince the fascist mob that have everything “broken” as Larissa described it. They are a product of today’s university system and after 3 months of China culture virus restrictions. They are all aimed at Trump. Chinese hate him but American fascists hate him more.

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        • Nine years ago in London the police shot a black gang boss dead. He was a serious criminal and was armed. That set off a summer of riots, violence and looting through the country which cost £millions. Now the same arseholes have latched onto the US rioters. BLM is already established here as part of a cadre of Marxist-Leninist thug revolutionary groups.
          They are planning more statue-wrecking, statue desecrations, violence and looting this weekend. Personally I would have snipers on rooftops to pick off the organisers and the violent ones. Enough is enough. There is already enough going on with chicom bat virus without having to put up with this shit.

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  • англійський масон

    Yes, Congratulations to all who have contributed in any way, I keep trying to recruit loyal Ukrainians and those such as myself, not Ukrainian by birth, but in my Heart.

    I too look forward most of all to a day when we can be posting more positive items.

    Thanks to you all, its good to ‘know’ you.

    Slava Ukraini

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Great! Congratulations! I am proud and honored to be a part of such a great group of patriots, truth-seekers and fighters. Thank you to all and a special thanks to Red and foccusser.

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