Zelenskyy Proposes Rada Allow Nationwide Referendum On Changing Ukraine’s Territory


President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has proposed that the parliament authorize a nationwide referendum on the issue of changing Ukraine’s territory.

He made the proposal in the bill No.3612, which was registered in the parliament on June 9, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in April 2018, the Constitutional Court ruled that the law on nationwide referendums was unconstitutional.

Parliament Speaker Dmytro Razumkov has predicted that the parliament will consider a bill on nationwide referendums before its third session ends on July 17.

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  1. Why not? RuSSia turned the occupied territories into a wasteland anyway. If returned they are of no benefit to Ukraine. Let the invaders bear the costs. But as i know Moscow, once they are about to get what they claim they want – they don’t want it no more. Since their only goal is to hurt Ukraine.

      • Just imagine it would happen and the RUS economy ‘d collapse. People protesting against sending money to ‘ukrainians’. Or daily trouble when dealing with people from Donbas/Crimea. Like ‘you are not ruSSian, you are ukrainian! Fuck off!’ and so on. Karma can be a bitch! 😂

  2. The only problem I see with this is that once they officially have Crimea Donestsk and Luhansk, they will not allow free passage of any vessels through to the Azov Ports in what is left of Ukraine.

    Then they will want to cut a line from Donestsk through to Zaporizhzhia and on down to Kherson, which would then effectively give them control over marine access to the whole of what would be left of Ukraine.

    The next thing they would do, as they are in Moldova, is demand and take the area from the Romanian border to Zatoka, because poor old Moldova needs access to the Black Sea.

    This would leave Ukraine with a fraction of the Ports it needs and a drastic need to expand the remaining Ports on land it doesn’t have.

    Ukraine is dependent upon river ports and traffic to get the grain and other Produce exported, unless Gazillions are spent on roads and Ports on the remaining Black Sea coast, there would be no way to get these vital exports away.

    So I say no, Mr. President, no surrender, no repeat of 1921.

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