U.S. Congress Approves USD 250 Million In Security Assistance To Ukraine For 2020


The United States Congress has approved USD 250 million in security assistance to Ukraine for 2020 under the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI).

The Ukrainian embassy in the United States announced this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“In accordance with the recommendations of the United States Department of Defense, the United States Congress has approved the entire package of security assistance to Ukraine for 2020 worth USD 250 million,” the embassy wrote.

From the 2020 USAI budget, the United States Department of Defense will provide Ukraine counter-battery radars, vehicles, and medical equipment and continue its training program for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“The U.S. equipment will contribute to strengthening the battle capabilities of the Ukrainian army and, more importantly, help to save the lives and preserve the health of the Ukrainian warriors fighting Russian aggression. The U.S. assistance will be specifically targeted at supporting the Ukrainian Navy, which is very important under increasing Russian aggressive behavior in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov,” the embassy wrote.

The embassy noted that in accordance with the U.S. legislation, 50% of this assistance is being provided to Ukraine unconditionally and the remaining 50% will be provided if Ukraine achieves practical results in reforming its defense and security sector.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the United States previously intended to increase its security assistance to Ukraine to USD 300 million in 2020.

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