Roads in Donetsk and paving stone on Embankment simply washed off by rains – occupational “mayor”

Paving stone on the Embankment and roads in Donetsk were washed off by rains. This is how self-proclaimed “mayor” Alexey Kulemzin explained the problem with pavement of the regional center seized by the Russian occupiers on the air of one of the separatist channels, answering the questions from the Donetsk residents.

“We are in control of the situation and are well aware of all the incidents that happen in the city. The paving stone on the Embankment was simply washed off by the rains that hit us in May. The same applies to the roads”, – he told.

“We are not so rich a “state” to lay asphalt directly in puddles”, – he evaded the answer why, even if heavy, rains seriously damaged the pavement.

The collaborator assured that “with the onset of constant warm weather, repair personnel… launched a large scale of work to put the city in order”.

(c)OSTROV 2020


  1. We are not so rich a “state” to lay asphalt directly in puddles”, BLOODY HELL, HOW POOR YOU ARE? THE POOREST STATES IN AFRICA CAN PUT ASPHALT IN A HOLE……………..

    Then by any standards you have right to exist.!!!!
    The asphalt factories were taken to Russia off course as high tech is not available there.

    Take a look at Ukraine and road construction these days!

  2. Donetsk City has no asphalt under Russian occupation…………..well, Crimea has no rivers anymore………………Russians can even steal rivers!!!!

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