Russian nuclear-capable bombers intercepted by US aircraft near Alaska


Russian nuclear-capable bombers were intercepted and escorted by U.S. fighter jets during a flight over neutral waters near Alaska, according to a report on Wednesday.

U.S. F-22 Raptor tactical fighters accompanied the four Russian Tupolev Tu-95MS bombers during some periods of their 11-hour flight that reportedly complied with international law, Reuters reported, citing the RIA news agency and the Russian Defence Ministry.

A similar incident occurred back in April when the U.S. military scrambled F-22 stealth fighter jets to intercept a pair of Russian patrol aircraft flying near the state, the commander of NORAD said on “Fox & Friends.”

“We’re ready 24/7,” on alert for these missions, Air Force Gen. Terrence O’Shaughnessy said.

In May, two Russian fighter jets “flew in an unsafe and unprofessional manner” while intercepting an American spy plane over the Mediterranean sea, according to a statement by the U.S. Navy last month.

“While the Russian aircraft was operating in international airspace, this interaction was irresponsible,” the May 26 statement said. “We expect them to operate within international standards set to ensure safety.

Meanwhile, Russia confirmed it will open talks with the U.S. this month on extending a major nuclear disarmament treaty, according to a report on Tuesday.

Deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov will meet Special Presidential Envoy Marshall Billingslea in Vienna on June 22 to begin negotiations on New Start, a nuclear arms reduction treaty that expires in February, Agence France-Presse reported.

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  1. Putin says he wants to be considered an equal among world leaders but there is a difference. The US sends unarmed “spy” planes and the KGB runt sends bombers. I wonder if it is legal to lock-on to these bombers to send a message and also send a couple of kilograms of used buckwheat waste into the seats of these bombers?

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