River almost dries out amid water shortage in occupied Crimea (Photo)

The relevant photos were posted by a local blogger.

A water-shortage disaster has been unfolding in the Russian-occupied Crimea, which is evidenced by the recent photos of the Salgir River in the city of Simferopol.

The photos recently posted on Twitter by blogger RoksolanaToday&Crimea25% (@KrimRT) show the river-bed that has been almost dried out and covered with weeds. In contrast, older photos show a full stream running through the city.

“Simferopol. Salgir near the Moscow Hotel.

There is almost no water!” reads the tweet.

“Now stones from the sky will fill this channel,” reads one of the comments.

“The name of the hotel is a direct reference to the reason for water shortage,” another comment says.

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  1. Karma is a bitch. The trolls thought they were so funny in 2014 with their “Crimea River” comments. I wonder if they are still singing it?

  2. Its all going well then.

    Six years of glorious Soviet rule, the people are happier than before, have greater freedom, lots to eat, plenty jobs, lots work, plenty water, sun she shine all time, corn grow high like elephant eye, glorious leader putlin take off shirt, help peasants work in fields but not touch little boys. People only shot if disagree.

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