“It’s as if the road was bombed”: stressed-out driver posts photos of M13 highway in Mykolayiv region

This is the actual condition of the M13 highway from the junction with P06 to the administrative border of Kirovohrad region.



Driver Oleksandr Ostrovskiy has posted the photos showing the catastrophic condition of the M13 Poltava-Chisinau international highway.

The relevant photos were posted in the “I hate Ukravtodor” group on Facebook.





It can be seen that in some places the “highway” has turned into a heap of huge boulders that drivers are forced to drive around. UNIAN contacted the author of the photos.

The driver said the photos had been taken near the village of Sofiyivka-Voievodske in Mykolayiv region.

“This is the M13 highway from the junction with P06 to the border of Kirovohrad region. These photos were taken near the village of Sofiyivka-Voievodske.

In that spot, it will take you 1.5 hours to pass this 30-km section,” the driver said.



Dor Netizens did not stay indifferent and actively contributed to the comment section. However, it seems the pictures were of little surprise to most who are aware of the road quality in the area.

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  1. The road is obviously terrible. But there is no such thing as the ‘Poltava-Chisinau international highway’. Weird.

    • The road exists as the M13 or E584, but it’s hardly an international highway, more like a dirt track. Looking at it, I would say nothing has been spent on that road since Soviet times.

        • Since 2014 a lot of progress was made in road repairs. Obviously the Ukrainian public don’t care about this, especially the non drivers, they don’t think it affects them. Money might have been allocated to repair this road, but this is Ukraine, were money has a magic like quality, it disappears fast.

          • I remember about 15 years back, driving in incredible heat, from Odessa through the fascinating area of Bessarabia, to Romania. It was incredibly difficult. You had to enter Moldova : in and out twice, to avoid the ‘Transnistria’ abomination. I don’t know if Poro’s new road has avoided that problem.

            • They have a saying in Ukraine. ‘Roads melt with the snow in spring’ and it’s true. No roads in Ukraine have drainage systems, water gets under the tarmac, freezes in winter, then expands and destroys the roads.

      • Maybe that road goes into Transnistria? That would be the time warp to the Soviet period and explain why it’s not kept up…..so they don’t use it to move tanks into Ukraine.

        • The mystery of this ‘road’ is that it isn’t a road! There is one road that goes down from Kyiv to Mykolaiv. Half way down it forks off to either Mykolaiv or Odessa. Both those roads are ok (by Ukrainian standards). But after Odessa, to get to Romania or Moldova is a hell of a challenge. Until this new road of Poro’s opened up. I would love to give it a try someday!

  2. Zelensky, can you be for one second.(yes, not longer, because thats to much for you) ervant of the Ukrainian People an dorder to repair this road to at least modern Ukrainian standards. Spaziba!

  3. Thats bad, there weren’t even roads like that in Spain before they joined the EU!

    There’s probably a sign before that saying ‘Welcome to the Black Sea, please leave your Car here and walk’.

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