Danone ends advertising campaign with Porechenkov – Ukrainian ambassador

Danone ends advertising campaign with Porechenkov – Ukrainian ambassador

10.06.2020 17:55

French dairy producer Danone has ended an advertising campaign involving Russian actor Mikhail Porechenkov, Ukraine’s Ambassador to France Oleh Shamshur has said on his Twitter page.

“I have good news for you. I have just received a call from Danone Secretary General Mathias Vicherat. The company ends the advertising campaign with the participation of Porechenkov. A rapid and responsible reaction. And the appetite returns,” he wrote.

Earlier, Ukrainian diplomats in France reminded the Danone office in Russia that actor Mikhail Porechenkov, involved in their advertising campaign, is “a servant of the Kremlin terrorists.” According to diplomats, big business should be responsible and should not forget about morality against the background of commercial gain.

Danone Russia earlier involved Porechenkov in advertising its products. In 2014, Porechenkov fired from a machine gun at the positions of Ukrainian defenders of the Donetsk airport in front of cameras.

Porechenkov is being persecuted by Ukraine for terrorist activities.

Danone’s cooperation with the Russian actor has caused harsh criticism and outrage on social media. Public activists and ordinary users of social networking sites called for a boycott of the French company’s products.


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