Black Americans Killed in Riots Across American Cities

The Jewish Voice. June 3, 2020

At least four black American men and one biracial woman have been killed in riots wreaking havoc on American cities over the last week.

Rioting first started on May 28 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, over the death of George Floyd, who was allegedly murdered by police officer Derek Chauvin. Since then, the riots have spread to major cities like New York City, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Oakland, Louisville, and St. Louis.

The riots have led to more death, especially among black Americans. The victims include:

Dave Patrick Underwood

On May 29, Dave Patrick Underwood, 53-years-old, was killed during riots in Oakland, California. Underwood, according to police, was trying to keep the peace during riots when he was fatally shot.

“My brother, Dave Patrick Underwood, a federal officer, was murdered 5/29/20 in Oakland California, while on duty during the riots,” Underwood’s sister wrote on her Facebook page. “This Violence Must Stop.”

(Photo via Angela Underwood Jacobs)

David Dorn

On the night of June 1, David Dorn, a 77-year-old retired St. Louis, Missouri, police captain, was shot and killed by looters who broke into a pawn shop. Dorn’s murder was allegedly streamed live on Facebook but has since been taken down.

(Photo via MPD)

Italia Marie Kelly

On the evening of May 31, 22-year-old Italia Marie Kelly, a biracial woman, was killed in a random shooting as she was leaving a protest in Davenport, Iowa. Kelly had been attending a protest after work in support of George Floyd but decided to leave when the crowd became unruly.

That’s when police said Kelly was struck by a random bullet, likely killing her instantly.

“She was always smiling, always laughing,” Kelly’s aunt told the Associated Press. “That’s why it’s so sad that she was taken in such a violent way. That is not Italia. She was the bright, bubbly big personality in the room.”

(Photo via Facebook)

David McAtee 

On June 1, 53-year-old David McAtee was shot and killed in Louisville, Kentucky during riots. According to police, law enforcement had been clearing a crowd in the area when they heard gunshots and returned fire.

McAtee was hit by one of the bullets and died. The incident is under investigation.

“We lost a wonderful citizen. David was a friend to many, a well-known barbecue man,” Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer told the Associated Press.

(Photo via Facebook)

Chris Beaty

On May 30, Chris Beaty, a 38-year-old real estate broker and former Indiana University football player, was shot and killed by rioters in Indianapolis, Indiana, who were on a robbing spree.

An eyewitness said Beaty had been trying to stop two thieves from robbing two women of their purses, telling them, “You don’t need to do this. There’s a better way.” The thieves then shot Beaty, killing him.

(Photo via Facebook)


  • Yesterday the far left, including the Dems, paid tribute to Mr George Floyd, who was killed in a despicable way by the police. However, Mr Floyd was a career criminal who had committed despicable crimes, including a terrifying aggravated burglary against a black woman. He was no martyr, yet has been globally celebrated as one. Leftist media have been silent about the black victims above, who were decent people who did not deserve to die.
    Security at the funeral was provided by the Nation of Islam; a hate group with views so extreme that they are indistinguishable from isis. They believe amongst other insane bullshit, that whites are devils, created by a mad scientist. They are also of course fanatical Jew-haters.
    This absurd spectacle has provided a great source of comfort for the putinazis who spend all day spinning everything in favour of their tiny fuhrer.

    Liked by 3 people

      • Going to be a lot of people left with egg on their faces, if this investigation proves Trump has ties to Russia, most of them Republicans, and I’m not sure they could spin this out. I hope the hell he’s not undermining US security because of loans owed to Russian banks, this could be classed as treason at least. This German bank also needs investigating, it no doubt is used to launder Putin’s money to various countries. The kickback from all this could lead to a shit show in both the US and Russia. Providing Trump is guilty of anything.

        Liked by 2 people

        • A man giving more about Putin’s word than the intel of his own agencies is rotten. RuSSia may not completely own him, but he will never attack Putin, and the above article seems to explain why.

          Liked by 3 people

          • If it is proved he’s owned by Russia, he can kiss goodbye to the next election. I hope the Republicans are watching this carefully, even they couldn’t support a traitor.

            Liked by 3 people

            • I almost hope he will lose. As an intellectual person i never got warm with him. I supported him somewhat for the sake of the party since Cruz was voted out. Maybe his defeat will restore the party. Yet four years of uncertainty would lie ahead, in particular economically.

              Liked by 3 people

              • Problem is, if his guilt is proven, close to the election, the Republicans won’t have enough time to organise a nominee to run for POTUS.

                Liked by 3 people

      • Terrific, well-researched article from a site I was unaware of. Excellent Mike!
        The fact that Trumpkov hangs out with shady putinoid bastards like Dmitry Rybolovlev won’t worry his die-hard fans who like putler anyway. But it will be of concern to others for sure.

        Liked by 2 people

        • Trump is losing support. From Ted to Nikki it got very quiet. They usually tweet like hell to support him. Not no more. Nikki’s last tweet was a week ago. He failed to unite the country and alienated his supporters. The likes for Trump’s and GOP’s posts went down by 90% over the past week. I think it’s over for him. But he still has five months to turn things around…

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          • Trump said horrible and disgusting things about John McCain, even after his death, which I found despicable. He also grotesquely insulted Ted. Can you imagine how you would feel if some bastard implicated your father in the JFK assassination simply by quoting some ridiculous conspiracy theory? It was amazing to me that Ted was so muted in his response and at one point even supported Trumpkov. Glad he’s had a rethink.

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  • Bunker boy showing once more weak leadership. I fear he will lose the election. He is not consequent enough and lacks diplomatic skills. What a shit show…

    Liked by 2 people

    • I wonder what a Governor or President can do when these career, lifetime, Leftist Mayors run the police forces? Guess what happens when the police are told to stand down? Guess what happened to Ukraine when Obama told NATO to stand down? Funny the Stand-downers are now standing up and burning their cities.
      Yes this shitshow validates years of propaganda from RT and co. They’ve been calling for killing police for years. I for one am not going to fall to their narrative though, I blame the Mayors.

      Liked by 3 people

      • I’m glad Suzanna is not supposed to see this. She would have lost her mind. I have to admit that i’m struggling myself here. Corona, Floyd, Zelensky… Everything is in ruins.

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