Venediktova Ready To Sign Poroshenko’s Indictment


Prosecutor General, Iryna Venediktova, is ready to sign an indictment of former president, Petro Poroshenko, in presence of proper grounds and evidence.

She said this in an exclusive interview for the Ukrainian News Agency, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Venediktova also said she knew the details of every single case the former president is involved in.

Asked if there are enough grounds now, the prosecutor general noted that for now, an investigation is underway, “however, sooner or later, there is high time to take legal procedural decisions and there will be several of them.”

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Venediktova has not obtained a draft indictment of Poroshenko from the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).

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  • Yes. Put him in jail and you will have protests rolling bigger than those of BLM.

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  • Has Zel done a secret deal with putler as the price for ‘peace’ in Donbas: Poro’s head on a stick? It’s starting to look that way.
    If this fatuous plan really goes ahead, it’s a rerun of Yanuk/Tymoshenko.
    As usual I hope I’m wrong.

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    • I would say this is Kolomoisky’s doing. He disappeared from Ukraine for 5 years while Poro was running the country. Poro also removed Privatbank from Kolomoisky, and turned it into a thriving bank, instead of a personal piggy bank. One Ukrainian legal expert summed it up beautifully.

      “The problem is that she is a ‘President’s person’, his team member. Meaning that her career in law enforcement is the result of her loyalty to the President not her professionalism. So she does not have that many chances to be independent, especially taking into account the fate of her predecessor dismissed on political motives,” Krapivin said.

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  • Smells like Yanukovytch

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Increased corruption, giving governmental posts to assure political favors. creating a Hungarian part in Ukraine, empty grain elevators in the country’s grain reserves and now a genuine witch-hunt against Poro! What is happening to this country? How can an ex-television clown cause so much damage in such a short time period?

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