Ukraine, Poland establish single virtual interconnection point

Ukraine, Poland establish single virtual interconnection point

09.06.2020 16:37

Ukrainian and Polish transmission system operators have signed new agreement to unite existing two interconnection points into a single virtual interconnection point “GCP GAZ-SYSTEM/UA TSO”. The agreement will take effect on July 1, 2020.

 “Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine LLC and Operator Gazociagów Przesyłowych GAZ SYSTEM S.A., concluded new interconnection agreement, which prescribes uniting existing two interconnection points – IP Drozdowicze and IP Hermanowice – into one single virtual interconnection point – “GCP GAZ-SYSTEM/UA TSO” which comes into force on the gas day the 1st of July 2020,” reads the statement of the Gas Transmission System Operator of Ukraine.

As noted, uniting existing physical interconnection points is one of the latest requirements prescribed by the NC CAM. In the case of Ukraine and Poland, it became possible finally in 2020, since the same business rules have started to be applied at the beginning of this year.

The TSOs draw the attention of network users to the fact that starting from the 6:00 AM (CET) 1st of July 2020, capacity booking requests and nominations/renominations shall be submitted to “GCP GAZ-SYSTEM/UA TSO” only.

“Network users will not need to choose via which interconnection point the transportation should be carried out. Still, they will only need to specify the direction of gas transportation. Already booked capacities of the IPs Drozdowicze and Hermanowice will be transferred automatically to the capacities of the new “GCP GAZ-SYSTEM/UA TSO”,” the company explains.

The tariff for gas transportation on interconnection points does not change.

Capacity booking will be conducted in accordance with the current network codes of Ukraine and Poland.

As reported, in January-May 2020, Ukraine imported 5.2 billion cubic meters of gas from the European Union, including 1.1 billion cubic meters through virtual reverse.


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