Panic in “LPR”: occupation authorities put local police on alert over leaflets calling for coup (Photo)

Leaflets urge people to go for strikes at coal mines and take to the streets to topple the self-styled “authorities”.

Leaflet saying "Miner, hold your ground strong until the end. Pasechnik, where's our money?"

Leaflet saying “Miner, hold your ground strong until the end. Pasechnik, where’s our money?” Ukrainian Army officer Anatoly Stefan says Russian puppet “authorities” in the self-proclaimed “Luhansk People’s Republic” (“LPR”) in Donbas have put police forces on high alert after loads of leaflets were posted in the streets of Antratsyt and Slovianoserbsk, urging the local population to firmly resist occupation.

“Today, the occupation authorities put on alert units of the so-called police in the pseudo ‘LPR’.

The reason for such measures was the mass planting of propaganda leaflets (in the area of Antratsyt and Slovianoserbsk) with calls for a coup, sabotage, and strikes at coal mines, health care facilities, and other institutions,” the officer reported on June 7. Read also One Ukrainian soldier wounded amid 11 enemy attacks in Donbas on June 8 As UNIAN reported earlier, Ukrainian activists held a daring campaign in Donbas.

“Donetsk region is part of Ukraine, even its occupied areas,” read paper leaflets, posted on walls and lamp poles across towns in the occupied territories. Separate groups of like-minded citizens earlier held a series of secret meetings where a decision was made to unite in a larger organization that will go by the name of “Committee for Donbas Liberation.”

(C)UNIAN 2020


  • Beginning of the Donbas Maidan? The Russian propaganda about Ukrainians in Donbas begging to become Russian citizens, looks to be a slight exaggeration.

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    • I believe it was the ruSSo-terrorist Girkin that said the JFO could “walk right through” occupied Donbas. Of course, Ukraine is trying to avoid the Georgia scenario and getting Moskali regs involved…officially. But they still claim they are not in occupied Ukraine so perhaps Girkin is correct and the rats would scatter if a mission to reclaim Ukrainian territory occurred. Half the people are gone and at least half those remaining are pro-Ukraine. Then we can string up the occupation leaders in Debaltseve or Illoviask and let them swing in public for a while.

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