Floyd is Russia’s ultimate victory


The riots in the United States are not coming to a halt. Meanwhile hundreds of whites were injured or killed by the protesters. A white woman got lynched, a father beat up in front of his little daughter by so-called protesters. Images of mayhem are going around the globe.

After Putin successfully hypnotized Trump, making him look like a Russian puppet installed by Russia, America now looks even less inviting to Ukrainians.

Now Russia is trying to convince Ukrainians that the United States and the West were the wrong choice, and that it’s time to return to the safe fascist Russian motherland, where there is order (and no blacks).

I hope Ukrainians will not fall for this distorted image of America which Russia is spreading.

Russia and the FSB are actively involved in fueling the protests, as they were doing with the yellow vests in France.

Just for comparison, Russia has the highest crime rate in Europe, is the most corrupt country in Europe, is inhabited by 20 million muslims, has no environmental standards, has the highest rate of domestic violence in Europe, has no free press, and is responsible for 20.000 killed Ukrainians, 3 mio refugees, invasions, contract killings, poisonings and the deaths of critical journalists and Nemtsov. It may even have been involved in the intentional release of COVID-19.

Russia is not a safe haven. It is the producer of global chaos and suffering. What’s currently happening in America won’t change this.

© 2020 Mike Hilbert
® 2020 UkraineToday.org


  • Russia is swarming with arseholes that think the tiny poisoner is a great man.
    Half the American electorate appear to think that a doddery old hair-sniffer who is clearly just a front man for a hard left cabal is going to ‘restore’ America.
    The other half appears to be divided also: hard core trumpoids who get their ‘news’ from outlets that simultaneously glorify Trumpkov and putler, wealthy old style GOP traditionalists that hate Trump but will vote for damage limitation and owners of SME’s who will vote GOP to save their businesses.

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    • It appears that a swamp, with a piss-ass economy and no toilets, has (temporarily) achieved world domination. They crushed Ukraine, they supported Brexit, they flooded the EU with refugees, they took most of Syria, have fighters in Libya, increased their influence in Iran and Iraq, they meddled in the US elections and are currently aiding more mayhem in the streets. I don’t know. Our rulers made the fatal mistake to think the Cold War is over since 1992. IT IS NOT, AND NEVER WAS!

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      • Agree 100%. We are still waiting for a powerful leader with integrity and vision to put a stop to the mayhem being inflicted by this benighted regime. So far the little demon has had the luck of the devil.

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