Kiva proposes to rename Bandera Avenue in the capital in honor of the murdered George Floyd

MP Ilya Kiva from the Opposition Platform Faction – For Life proposes to announce a week of mourning and rename Stepan Bandera Avenue in Kiev in honor of George Floyd, an African American killed by US police . And the deputy put forward a proposal to canonize Floyd, put him on the lists of Heavenly hundreds and pay his family $ 10 million.

He wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

“In solidarity with the American people, sharing their national grief in connection with the tragic death of a black great martyr. As a People’s Deputy of Ukraine, I propose declaring a week of mourning and renaming Stepan Bandera Avenue to Floyd Avenue in Kiev, ”Kiva wrote.

In addition, Kiva appealed to Metropolitan Epiphanius with a demand “to canonize the innocently murdered Floyd” and to appoint a day to honor him in the church.

The deputy also demands that the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal allocate financial assistance in the amount of $ 10 million to the family of the deceased African American.

“I ask you to consider the possibility of including Floyd in the lists of Heavenly Hundreds as a person who started the“ revolution of dignity ”in the USA,” the deputy added.

The KyvaВ солидарность с американским народом, разделяя их национальное горе в связи с трагической гибелью чернокожего великомученика. Как Народный депутат Украины, предлагаю объявить неделю траура и переименовать в Киеве проспект Степана Бандеры в проспект Флойда!!! Так же обращаюсь к митрополиту Эпифанию с требованием канонизировать невинно убиенного Флойда и назначить день почитания его в церкви.
Обращаюсь к примьер – министру Шмыгалю с требованием выделения материальной помощи в размере 10 000 000$ семье погибшего афро-американца, борца за свободу и права чернокожих людей! Прошу рассмотреть возможность включения Флойда в списки Небесной сотни, как человека начавшего «революцию гидности» в Соединённых Штатах Америки!!!

Навсегда с Флойдом в сердце

Prospect Stepan Bandera is located in the Obolonsky and Podolsky districts of Kiev, the area Obolon, Petrovka, Kurenevka. It runs from the streets of Kurenevskaya and Kirillovskaya to the North Bridge. The modern name in honor of the Ukrainian politician, one of the ideologists and theorists of the Ukrainian nationalist movement Stepan Bandera – since 2016.

Recall that the 46-year-old African American George Floyd died on May 25 in Minneapolis immediately after he was detained while trying to pay in a store with a bill that sellers considered fake. One of the policemen pressed him to the asphalt, pressing his knee on his throat. Floyd said that he could not breathe, after which he was called an ambulance.

Later, the man died in the hospital. According to the autopsy results, death occurred as a result of “mechanical asphyxiation.”

Immediately after the incident, street protests broke out in many American cities, sometimes with pogroms and acts of vandalism, which continue to this day. Protests took place in other countries.

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  1. “I ask you to consider the possibility of including Floyd in the lists of Heavenly Hundreds as a person who started the“ revolution of dignity ”in the USA,” the deputy added.

    This Russian trash has the nerve to compare people who were murdered by his associates, to a drug fuelled common criminal? No doubt this garbage had his orders from Putin’s crony Medvedchuk, or the terrorist in the Kremlin. Maybe he should put his proposal to the families of the heavenly hundred, by meeting them at Maidan.

    • This really shows their current mission which is to destroy Ukrainian culture and history. They are still at war with the legacy of Bandera and fighting both German and Moskali nazis. Yes, I think he should try giving this proposal via a speech at Maidan instead of an email on a Sunday.

  2. That is epic trolling by putinoid scum. However he has a point: Mr Floyd’s record was so Russian-like that he should have been made an honorary Russian. After all, one of his finest moments was smashing his way into a pregnant woman’s home and sticking a gun into her stomach in order to extract information that he wanted : such as where were her drugs? You can’t get more RuSSian than that can you? Btw, Mr Floyd’s victim was black.

  3. Just proves that the protests in the US were fuelled by RuSSia. Trump could not convert the GOP to dump Ukraine and Nato. Now he has to go, so KGB agent Biden can take over.

      • He is an acting governor and Senator for the GOP. He can neither overturn Trump’s nomination nor run as an independent.

        • I’m sure the Republicans could refuse to endorse Trump, if they thought they had no chance of winning the election with him.

          • Some are trying that, but none of them are people the base will listen to. Trump is going to win the election handily. The people who don’t want him to win the election are all deep state weasels.

  4. Kiva: How much are you willing to pay to the relatives of MH17, just asking and the 18.000 killed in Donbass, jusk asking?
    And the 2,5 million refugees from your invasion..just asking?

  5. Well I have heard some shit in my time, but this shit is so disrespectful to the Heavenly 100 its amazing.

    It wasn’t Murder, by the way, it was Manslaughter. That Cop didn’t leave home that Morning thinking ‘Today I will kill George Floyd’
    There seems to be a deep rooted problem with some of the Law enforcement in the US, but that is not the discussion here.

    Bandera was and is an important part of Ukraine’s History. Whether you agree or not, it is still a fact, he did what needed doing at the time and he was Ukrainian.

    It will never happen of course that any road could be renamed, but if it did, I hope the signs would need to be replaced every few days. I know if I passed and one was there it would soon be at the bottom of the Dnipro.

    Then this shit-eating putinoid cocksucker wants him made a Saint?
    Not happy with that for the height of stupidity, then to give his family $10 million?
    You want to send them any money, cunt, send them some of what you have embezzled in the past. Fucking Parasite.

    • Spot on Mason. Also, Bandera was arrested by the German nazis and the Moskovia nazis. The underlying issue here is Bandera not Floyd. Anything that reinforces Ukrainian independence is under fire.

  6. Sounds there is Nazism, and Russian Nazism, 100x worse. They really do not have one working brain cell.

  7. Clearly, Kiva’s brain was once bashed in by a baseball bat, or the Ukrainian equivalent. Or, he was born sans a brain to begin with.
    I’ve heard many downright stupid proposals from moronic politicians but this is one of the stúpidest ones yet.

  8. I have a better idea.
    How about we replace the Statue of Zukov in Kharkiv with one of Floyd.
    After all floyd was just apetty felon.
    Zukov lead the amss murder and rope of Berlin.

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