European neo-Nazis undergo training in Russia and join militants in Donbas, – media

We are talking about the Partizan camp near St. Petersburg, which was founded by Russian ultra-right extremists and supporters of the “white race supremacy”15:43, 7 June 2020Far-right movement participants from GermanyFocus.deFar-right movement participants from Germany, Finland and Sweden undergo training at a Russian military camp near St. Petersburg and join militants in Donbas. This was reported by Focus with reference to intelligence data from Germany.

“German participants in the Partizan camp are trained to use weapons and explosives and combat martial arts. Quite a few graduates, including Swedes and Finns, later join Russian militants in eastern Ukraine,” the article says.

If we talk about the German participants of the “Russian combat courses”, we are talking about the members of two ultra-right parties “Young Nationalists” and “Third Way”. These political forces are under heavy surveillance by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution of Germany. 

German security agencies were informed about the training of young right-wing extremists in Russia, but were allegedly unable to ban entry into St. Petersburg for legal reasons. The German authorities suggest that the Russian president is aware of such camps and, at least, reconciles with their existence.

As for the Partizan camp itself, it is controlled by the right-wing extremist “Russian Reich movement,” which claims to be fighting for “white supremacy.”

Deutsche welle, citing Russian media, writes that Partizan was founded in 2012 and is part of the DOSAAF (Voluntary Society for Assistance to the Army, Aviation and Navy of Russia) system. It also confirms the information that those who took Partizan courses participated in military conflicts in Syria and eastern Ukraine.

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  1. Did you agree, Medvedev, that this article was published on your own channel? Than you showed your colors, as we saw.

    • Germany, Finland and Sweden have some explaining to do. If it was just a matter of law to allowed these nazis to train and kill Ukrainians then that could be remedied in a week….6 years ago.

  2. The Country that accuses everyone else of being Nazis is using Nazis as its allies.

    Says everything.

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