For an Independent Social Ukraine: a Statement by the Reds on the Biden-Poroshenko Leaks

Warning! Article contains Commie BS about Ukraine.

Ukraine received its independence 29 years ago. The cause of political independence has always been close to the struggle for the social liberation of Ukrainians, particularly the country’s rebellious workers and peasants. The right of nations to self-determination was originally the slogan of the socialists Ivan Franko and Lesia Ukrainka.

Since 2014, the Ukrainian ruling elite and its politicians have mercilessly fought over who could pose as the main “independence fighter,” while actually reducing Ukraine to neocolonial dependency. During these years, instead of modernizing the economy and strengthening social protections, Ukrainian politicians have looted budgets and carried out “reforms” to improve the lives of the oligarchs. This led to huge holes in the budget and the decline of infrastructure. As a result, Ukraine became utterly dependent on IMF loans and the financial and technical assistance of the EU and the United States, in this way falling into complete political dependence. All of these forces dictate Ukraine’s domestic policies: increasing the cost of utilities, refusing to regulate the prices of medicines, privatizing all aspects of the economy, and opening the real estate market to sell off the land.

Ukraine has actually lost its independence.

Arkadii Derkach’s recently published recording indicate that during Poroshenko’s presidency, the Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden (2008-2016), exercised a major influence over the enactment of Ukrainian laws, in the dismissal and appointment of public officials [1]

Then-President Poroshenko crawled before Biden for a loan of $1 billion. The current President Zelensky is not ready to reconsider these unequal relations with the West and continues Poroshenko’s policy.

He continues to block all attempts to adjust the conflict in Donbass and negotiate its peaceful return to Ukraine. He continues the Poroshenko government’s censorship and suppression of civil rights and the promotion of ultra-right violence aimed against Ukrainians. Under foreign pressure, Zelensky continues the policies of:
– selling Ukrainian land;
– total privatization;
– raising the costs of electricity, water, housing.
– the protection or appointment to strategic positions of people chosen by the external entities exercising illegitimate influence over Ukraine.

We, the undersigned, call for an independent socio-economic policy for Ukraine. We demand
– from the current president and government: to review relations with the main source of external influences on Ukraine, including the United States and the International Monetary Fund, with a view to the restoration of Ukraine’s independence.
– from the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine: to investigate the charges of treason and corruption of the former president of Ukraine and his circle and to provide the public with regular reports into this investigation. 

(c) International Viewpoint


  • International Viewpoint is the English-language online magazine of the Trotskyist reunified Fourth International. They have connections to various scumbags in the UK, from the Sottish Socialist party, and the Labour Party. One of the board members is a guy called Alan Thornett, who was a shop steward at the Cowley car plant, that spent more time on strike, than they did working. He is also a friend of Galloway, which says a lot about him.

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    • I hate people who shill for Russia even more than the scum who run the place. Article is very similar to the sewage that can be seen on the website of the SWP (socialist workers party), which is the real homeland of JeremIRA CorbLenin and Giorgi G’Allahweih.

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  • Although mostly commie crap, i think this line we all can agree on cross party lines:

    ‘Ukrainian politicians have looted budgets and carried out “reforms” to improve the lives of the oligarchs.’

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “…instead of modernizing the economy and strengthening social protections, Ukrainian politicians have looted budgets and carried out “reforms” to improve the lives of the oligarchs.”
    Sounds like mafia land to the T, with the exception that mafia land includes a super-duper criminal oligarch who is now president for life.

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