Brazilian President Bolsonaru threatens to withdraw his country from WHO

Only 100 days have passed since Bolsonaru called virus, from which one Brazilian dies every minute, ‘a little flu’

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaru has threatened to withdraw his country from the World Health Organization, as Reuters reports.

“Brazil will consider withdrawing from WHO if it does not cease to be a ‘partisan political organization’, Bolsonaru told reporters in a comment on Friday.

Coronavirus mortality in Brazil on Thursday exceeded Italy. The Brazilian Ministry of Health reported that the number of people infected in the country reached more than 600 thousand people, and within 24 hours 1 thousand 437 deaths were registered. In general, more than 35 thousand Brazilians died from coronavirus.

However, Bolsonaro continues to insist on the early abolition of government isolation orders, arguing that economic costs exceed public health risks.

Meanwhile, an editorial in the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo that day stated that it had only been 100 days since Bolsonaru called the virus, “killing a Brazilian every minute,” “a little flu.”

UN warned Latin American governments about the risk of lifting quarantine restrictions until the spread of coronavirus in the region slows down.

As we reported before, the epicenter of the global pandemic of the coronavirus Covid-19 has moved to South America six months after it appeared on the other side of the world in Wuhan, China.

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  1. “Brazil will consider withdrawing from WHO if it does not cease to be a ‘partisan political organization’, Bolsonaru told reporters in a comment on Friday.

    BRICS soon to be reduced to RICS?

  2. The WHO was downplaying the virus in the first place. Trump and Bolsonaro just followed the WHO, and now get all the blame. Also as presidents of two huge countries and economies they cannot let down their economies. China and the WHO could have prevented this fiasco. I hope they’ll get a juicy bill! And with 40 mio unemployed in the US it also does not surprise that the Floyd shame has colaterally caused looting by those who have nothing. Time the WHO and China pay for everything!!!

      • For the first time i feel existential fear. In case Biden wins, although unlikely, it could cause the biggest global economic crisis in history. 😕

        • That is indeed a possibility. Even an oafish Ukraine hater like Trumpkov is better than Biden, simply because the GOP is a professional party. The Dems are full of career leftist politicians who have never produced a product or service that anyone wants. Whichever side wins, it won’t make much difference for Ukraine’s struggle.

          • And you will notice every single city burning from BLM/Antifa looters are traditional Democrat cities that have failed their voters. From New York to San Francisco and every one between. They all turned their police forces into fat-ass pension clubs and toothless paper tigers.

            • The Feds need to urgently investigate the funding and leadership structure of the entities that make up antifa. It is a terror outfit very likely with support from malign foreign powers.
              It is absurd that while struggling with the chicom bat virus, we (I say ‘we’ because the organizers have now dragged Britain into it) now face being brought to our knees by Marxist Leninist revolutionaries and other assorted vermin.

              • There were calls for it to be declared a terrorist organisation in th US but so far nothing happened.

                • Yes, for now its just an Executive Order and I doubt the Lefties will support any restrictions on their voter base such as Marxists, Leninists, Communists, Anarchists, or Socialists. Also have you noticed all these protests and not ONE US flag?

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