42 ships were built in Ukraine in three years

The 140-meter NIBULON MAX is the largest project in the history of the Nibulon shipyard and the largest ship built in Mykolayiv in the last 15 years. 2019

Shipbuilding production in Ukraine has been growing for three years in a row, but the country uses only 10% of its shipbuilding potential. In 1991, Ukraine ranked 5th among 24 European shipbuilding countries, today 16th. Shipbuilding takes place only at 6-7 shipyards.

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Serhiy Lysenko, Deputy Chairman of the Ukrsudprom Association, spoke about this during the online forum “Ukraine’s Maritime Industry and Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities”.

Ukraine uses only 10% of its shipbuilding potential

According to him, today in Ukraine there are 20 large and medium-sized shipbuilding and ship repair plants, as well as several dozen enterprises of light fleet, which manufactures boats, yachts up to 24 meters long, which employ more than 6,000 workers.

There are 15 design bureaus and research organizations in the country, which employ more than 2,000 people. 

Over the last three years, the volume of shipbuilding and ship repair at Ukrainian enterprises has been growing. Last year, they grew by 35%.

From 2017 to 2020, 42 ships were built at Ukrainian shipyards, of which 5 went for export and 37 for the domestic market. 531 vessels were repaired, of which 148 for foreign customers, 383 for Ukrainian companies. Last year, 14 ships were built and 160 repaired. 

Serhiy Lysenko notes that the potential of Ukrainian shipbuilding enterprises has been used only by 10%. For example, he cites data from 1992, when Ukrainian companies built 73 ships a year. In the ranking of 24 European countries engaged in shipbuilding today, Ukraine ranks 16th, and in 1991 ranked fifth. The reason for this is that shipbuilding takes place only at 6-7 shipyards.

The leader of the Ukrainian shipbuilding – the Nikolaev shipbuilding and ship repair plant “NIBULON”

The leader among the shipbuilding enterprises of the country is the Nikolaev shipbuilding and ship repair plant “NIBULON”. Half of all ships built were built on it.

The 140-meter NIBULON MAX is the largest project in the history of the Nibulon shipyard and the largest ship built in Mykolayiv in the last 15 years. 2019
Launch of a container vessel at the NIBULON shipyard, December 2019

Serhiy Lysenko also stressed that last year the Okean shipyard, which had not been operating for 8 years, was restored. Recently, two barges for the customer from the Netherlands set sail on the “Ocean”, and last year 16 vessels were repaired.

According to the Deputy Chairman of the Association “Ukrsudprom”, which were prepared at the request of the Ministry of Economy, the capacity of Ukrainian shipbuilding companies can annually build 30-40 vessels, of which 12-14 river-sea type, 10-12 barges, 4-6 tugs, 2 -4 pleasure passenger ships. 

Photo: Nick News

To realize the shipbuilding potential in 2018, the association prepared a bill to support domestic shipbuilding, which will stimulate the development of shipbuilding through special preferential tax conditions for shipbuilding companies, including exemption from import duties on shipbuilding products, exemption from income tax, exemption from imported products. However, this bill has not been considered yet.

“Almost all countries have created special regulatory conditions for their own shipbuilding companies, which take into account the peculiarities of shipbuilding and repair, which operated in Ukraine in the early 2000s, so ships are in favor of reviving regulatory regulations as a means of strengthening our maritime industry.” he said.



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