Ukraine has two political poles: dreamers like Poroshenko and pragmatists like Medvedchuk, – expert

The expert believes Ukrainians want to be both smart and beautiful, but is leads to uncertainty

There are two political poles in Ukraine: dreamers like Poroshenko and pragmatists like Medvedchuk. Political expert Denys Zharkykh voiced such opinion while speaking with reporters on air of 112 Ukraine TV channel.

“Well, the most important thing that this study showed in Ukraine for the first time is that Ukrainians do not divide based on their language or territory. They divide by their way of thinking. There are dreamers, and there are pragmatists who critically assess everything. And, in general, thanks to our research, it turned out that the dreamers choose classic dreamers as their leader, like Petro Poroshenko, and classic pragmatists choose Viktor Medvedchuk. And these two leaders are both understood by the entire electorate of Ukraine, that is, it’s clear what they represent,” he said.

“Other politicians – and it is the main electorate, that is, first of all, Zelensky who takes the electorate in the middle. And the main electorate is between these two poles, and they choose Zelensky, who, it seems, is with both smart ones and beautiful ones. Ukrainians also want to be smart and beautiful, they want to be both romantics and pragmatists at the same time, but this leads, in general, to huge uncertainty,” Zharkykh added.  

Earlier, it was reported that the Opposition platform – For Life Party showed the greatest growth of a rating in May.

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  1. “There are two political poles in Ukraine: dreamers like Poroshenko and pragmatists like Medvedchuk.”

    This statement needs adjusting slighty, replace dreamers with patriots, and replace pragmatists with traitors. Now that’s much more realistic.

  2. I would call Medvedchuk the dreamer.
    He dreams of a bygone time when Russia was a great country and they ruled Ukraine like an autonomus province. He is willing to ell out the Ukraine people to make it happen.

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