Resident of Spain, who took off the Russian flag from the wall of her apartment, kidnapped in Donetsk

A citizen of Ukraine, permanently residing in Spain, was abducted in Donetsk. Armed people took her away after she removed one of the Russian flags, hung by the occupiers, from the outer wall of her apartment along the main Artioma Street. This was reported to OstroV by the victim’s friends and husband.

Evgeniya Lukiyenko (now Evgeniya Yepes-Vinuesa), born in 1966, has a residence permit in Spain, where she lived in recent years. She came to visit relatives in Donetsk in December 2019, and had to stay there in connection with coronavirus quarantine.

According to the husband of Evgeniya, Hannibal Yepes-Vinuesa, the occupation authorities of Donetsk recently hanged flags of the Russian Federation along the Artioma Street, including on the outer wall of her apartment. Evgeniya Lukiyenko took off the Russian tricolor, as she considers Donetsk to be a Ukrainian city. Shortly thereafter, 6 armed men burst into her apartment on June 4 at about 21.30 and forcibly took Evgeniya take to an undisclosed location.

When armed people broke into the apartment, Evgeniya just talked with her husband on the phone, but then the phone was taken from her and it does not answer to this day.

Evgeniya Lukiyenko’s husband also said that he managed to get through to the so-called Voroshylov police station in Donetsk, but he was told there that they knew nothing about the incident. The whereabouts of Evgeniya Lukiyenko remains unknown.

(C)OSTROV 2020


  • Welcome to Russia. Kidnapping, murder and torture a speciality. Of course with her being a permanent resident of a Putin loving country, Spain will do nothing to help return her.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    They deface an apartment building and then kidnap the resident just because she removed the trash. What despicable thugs. But, typical of a trash country like mafia land.

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