Zelensky offers to grant visa-free travel to citizens of China, some other countries

Ukraine should compete for tourists, president believes. REUTERS


Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky will propose that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs liberalize the country’s travel regime with China and a number of other countries, whose citizens seek to come to Ukraine for tourist purposes. “I’ll instruct the Foreign Ministry because it is my vertical.

My proposal for visa liberalization, especially today, is to lift visa requirements for the list of countries whose citizens are willing to visit us,” Zelensky said, He speaking at a meeting with tour operators in Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Khmelnytsky region. The president says the move will apply to a number of Arab countries, as well as Australia, New Zealand, India, and China.

“Most importantly, it’s China because there’s a stunning number of tourists who’d like to come to Ukraine,” the president said. Read also EU not to revise conditions of visa-free travel with Ukraine He recalled that Ukraine’s visa policy provides for canceling visas for citizens of countries where governments cancel visas for Ukrainians. “Now, probably, is not the time.

We need to compete for tourists, so I think we need to lift [visas] and I think a lot of people will be coming to us, especially Chinese or Indians who wish to visit Ukraine,” said Zelensky. As UNIAN reported earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expects the arrival of an assessment mission from Canada to study the possibility of liberalizing the visa regime between the two countries.

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    • Don’t be silly Mike. Those Ukrainian Jews not murdered by Russia or Germany are as patriotic as anyone else. I have seen for myself how well the surviving ones have contributed to the regeneration of Ukrainian cities. There are a few bad ones of course, just as there a few bad Tatars, but most are fine. Since you have yourself correctly stated in your past comments that you do not believe that all Russians are bad, you should accept that it is the same with any other ethnic group.
      The more Jews that a country has, the richer it is. Look at America. Then look at the list of Ukrainian Jews who have enriched it in the business, engineering, technical, scientific and arts fields. Britain has only 300,000 Jews, but they have proportionally contributed vastly more than any other ethnic group.

      • They only enriched themselves. Their arrogance and hate towards nordic people disgusts me. I’m not a Nazi, but i do favor cutting them down back to normal before it’s too late.

        • They have a long history of going to a place, enriching it and then being persecuted for it. The most successful countries in the world have Jewish communities; the crap ones don’t. One third of the victims of the holocaust were Ukrainian. Add to that the victims of the Russian pogroms. Don’t you think they’ve suffered enough?
          No ethnic group can be written off like that. Take Iran for example: one of the vilest regimes in the world, yet the Iranian community in London and elsewhere is successful, wealthy and law-abiding. I have myself done business with many over the years. I cannot say the same for say; Somalians though. Even though even some of them might be ok.

          • Their suffering keeps breaking my heart, but the suffering of white folks, in particular women, also keeps breaking my heart. Ukraine is 98% white christian, yet ruled by the jewish, tatar and RUS mafia. 😡

            • Ukrainians chose massively to elect a Jewish candidate (albeit not an observant one) as president and we must trust and accept their judgement. Russians would never do such a thing because they are white supremacists; which is partly why alt-right and far right scum in the US love putler.
              We on this site mainly supported Poro and I still would. You supported Yuliya. Yet both these choices are flawed: Poro did nothing about corruption and Yuliya was very weak on putler (almost never criticized the bastard, who actually liked her, which is not a good thing). General rule : the more the rodent hates you, the better you are.
              With Poro, we knew he was centre right. Yuliya: who knows? She was populist left with some right wing stuff.
              As for Zel, I have no idea. Is he a social democrat? Does anyone know? Perhaps he’s a catch-all? He might deliver on corruption but so far zero. Unless Saakash makes some progress.

      • I may take issue with your pronouncement about Jewish patriotism in Ukraine. I’ve heard many stories about them refusing to fight during both world wars. Meanwhile, Ukrainians were hiding them from the German nazis.

        • The big difference between Ukrainians (and their Georgian brothers) and Russians is that Russians are institutionally anti-Semitic (see the protocols of the elders of Zion: which directly led to nazism) and Ukrainians are not. You can always find some bad ones and the bad ones are very bad, but they are no more likely to be deserters than anyone else. (Criminal behaviour in Jews in general is less than in other races).
          The British army keeps detailed records of heroic actions performed by Jewish volunteers, as well as volunteers from other surprising sources, such as Irish, Caribbean etc. On the other hand, there was an appalling attack on the British known as the King David bombing, by Zionist terror gang: Irgun, in 1946 in Jerusalem. This despite the British Balfour Declaration, which led to the creation of modern Israel.
          Jewish immigration to Britain is one of the reasons why its economy is successful. It is no coincidence that the greatest economy in the world: America, has more Jews than Israel has.

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