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Where are all the protests for the men, women and children murdered, or harmed… including police in the line of duty… as a result of the George Floyd protests / violence and looting, or the businesses wrecked, looted and burnt to the ground? Or the city’s, towns and neighbourhoods wreaked, vandalised… and jobs and livelihoods destroyed?! How is that helping anyone, regardless of colour?!

Where are the extreme left authorities, who were – 1984 style – banning all other protests on the pretext of Covid19, but now effectively condoning mass protests and the looting and murder… in the name equality?! Where is the media who censored coverage of the lockdown protests, and for over 12 months the massive nation wide protests in France and elsewhere by the Yellow Vest Movement but now replayed George Floyds death 24/7 to audiences worldwide, cover the rioting live and repeat ad nausium black liberation theology as if it was 1820 and slaves were still arriving off the slave ships?!

How is racist violence against innocent white people carried out during these “protests” (clear examples of which can be seen all over social media but not on the MSM News!) serving the cause of BLM? Don’t all lives matter?! All lives should matter and we should stop dividing people on racial lines!

How is this about tackling racism, when the incident in question involved at least two black police officers and there is currently no evidence that race was a motive?! And just as importantly… how has this violent protest movement been exported worldwide across the Western world… what has this got to do with anyone outside of the authorities in Minneapolis and the family of those concerned? The incident lacks rational explanation as it was carried out in front of the camera. Peaceful protests should have called for a proper inquiry, not more violence!

This is not 1950, Afro-Americans are not “still on the plantation” as white liberals seem to believe! They are in fact Mayors, sports stars, pop stars, they completely dominate most of America’s leading sports (athletics, basketball and American Football), they are police officers (many Police depts have majority black officers), fire fighters, shop keepers, factory workers, tradesmen and women, businessmen and women, politicians, they can be found in charge of entire police departments. The USA is probably the most progressive nation on Earth in regards to race relations but you could be mistaken for believing otherwise when you tune in to the media!

White liberals everywhere insist black need a helping hand up from them, so long as it serves the white liberals political agenda! They also seem to think they need a hand smashing up their neighbourhoods.. with bricks conveniently delivered via ACME construction! Personally I think people everywhere should tell these white liberals to F off!

We are now clearly living in cloud cookoo land, where up is down and down is up, and this is clearly all being done on purpose to upturn our entire civilisation, because combined with what else – equally as bizarre – is happening, that is exactly what is taking place!


  1. The media are to blame for a lot of this crap. How many times do you see the phrase, African American? It’s BS, if you are born in the US, you are an American, end of story. You never hear the phrase, European American, so please stop the racist angle on everything to do with black people.

    • I think the writer was trying to show that he was not a racist. Unfortunately the matter is so sensitive these days. I strongly recommend the Candace Owens video as an antidote. What a gal! Spunky or what?

    • Yes indeed. The writer of the above is a squaddie in the British army. Remarkably, Candace holds very similar views.
      She and Trump are mutual admirers. I sincerely hope that this bright girl has not succumbed to Trump’s propensity for putler jackboot licking though!

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