Candace Owens: “I DO NOT support George Floyd and I refuse to see him as a martyr! But I hope his family receives justice”.


  1. It now has been confirmed that Mr Floyd was infected with chicom bat virus. He was a violent criminal with a lengthy rap sheet. With accomplices, he smashed his way into a pregnant woman’s home and pressed a gun into her stomach in order to extract information as to where her drugs and other valuables were. He and his gang got away with some cash and a phone. A neighbour had the presence of mind to log the car registration. His victim was black btw.
    Nevertheless, the pitiless way he was treated by those cops was outrageous. There is no doubt that the perpetrators will be severely punished. Apart from committing a terrible crime, they have made life much tougher for decent officers and much easier for Marxist-Leninist revolutionaries. The shadowy groups behind the ‘protests’ have now managed to mobilise mobs in London, 4000 miles from Minneapolis.

    • He might have been a bad guy before but that cop made him a martyr.
      Antifa and the other anarchists are riding the coattails of this legitimate protest and they’re fanning the flames to try and bring down both business and government. All at a time when a week ago they were trying to tell everyone to stay home and not pay your rent.

    • I seriously doubt that the Police will be severly punished. The State Attorney general has taken over the prosecution and has already upped the charges beyond what can be sustained. Unless Minnesota is one of those states in which the jury is allowed to consider lesser charges without input form the prosecution, the cops will probably walk.

    • With the State Attorney General having taken over the prosecution, and upped the charge beyond what can be sustained by the evidence, it is likely the cop will walk. The entire thing has now been politicized.

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