Film : black raven, from the book of 2015 by vasyl shkliar

The other night She showed me a Ukrainian Film called ‘Black Raven’.

No English subtitles, it told a story of the War between Ukraine and Russia in the first part of the 20th Century, dialogue is in Ukrainian, although when Russian is spoken the subtitles are in Ukrainian.

A very good Film, I just want to recommend it to you all, I am hoping it will get English subtitles, although it is one of those Films you can follow without the dialogue.

Obviously parallels can be drawn between then and now, so although a matter of History, the story is relevant today.

There is also a Book of the same title, written by Ukrainian Vasyl Shkliar, pictured above, and published in Ukrainian.

I shall be looking for both of these in English!

I have just found it on Amazon, in English, entitled ‘Raven’s Way’ so shall now order a copy!

Slava Ukraini!


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