BBC shows trailer for the series “Salisbury Poisoning” (VIDEO)

Authors:MediaSapiensThe series itself will be shown from 14 to 16 June on BBC One

On May 31, the BBC released the official trailer for the Salisbury Poisoning series. At the center of the plot are the real events of April 2018 – the poisoning of former Russian ex-spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia with the neuro-paralytic substance “Novachok”. GRU officers are accused of assault and use of chemical weapons.

There will be a total of three series, which will be shown from June 14 to 16 on BBC One. According to the show’s authors, screenwriters Adam Patterson and Declan Lowe and director Soul Dibb, the focus of the film will be on how those events changed the life of the provincial town of Salisbury.

The main characters of the series are policeman Nick Bailey, who died from “Novachka” during the investigation of the case, Salisbury’s local health representative Tracy Dashkevich, and the British Don Sturgers, who died a few months after the Violinists’ poisoning. Interestingly, May Anna Bering, who played the Stradgers, also recently starred in another drama about the poisoning of Alexander Litvinenko in the UK, which is also blamed on Russia.

” This is the untold story of the Salisbury poisoning ,” Lawrence Bowen, CEO of Dancing Ledge Productions, which took over the production of the series , told RadioTimes. ” It’s a story of a community that has experienced real horror in its lifetime because of the invisible threat of a substance that can and does kill without warning, a story of tragedy, but also of endurance, of dignity .”

The authors of the film, who announced the shooting in May 2019, were afraid to show the film in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. As written in the British press, they are worried that the story of another “invisible killer” will have a negative impact on the audience.

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  1. Great that this story will be back in the headlines. It will be a reminder to the government, that they have still done FA to the Russians over this murder attempt.

  2. Is this a drama or a documentary? I would prefer the latter, being so close to the event. The article is peppered with errors unfortunately. The police officer who got poisoned thankfully recovered. The name of the innocent victim who stumbled on putler’s poison was Dawn Sturgess. Her boyfriend also got sick.
    As long as Ms Sturgess’s family have agreed to this, I suppose it’s ok though.

    • It’s translated from Ukrainian, so whether it’s errors or just bad translation I’m not sure.

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