Trump delays ‘outdated’ G7 leaders’ summit

US President Donald Trump has said he will postpone this year’s G7 summit and invite leaders of other countries to participate in the talks.

“I don’t feel that… it properly represents what’s going on in the world. It’s a very outdated group of countries,” Mr Trump said on Saturday.

The G7 group, which the US hosts this year, includes Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the UK.

The president said Russia, South Korea, Australia and India should be invited.

Speaking to reporters on board the presidential plane Air Force One, Mr Trump said that he was delaying the summit – which was scheduled to take place later in June – until September.

Last week, Mr Trump said it might be possible to hold a gathering at the White House and potentially parts of Camp David, the US presidential country retreat, despite concerns over the coronavirus pandemic.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel later rejected the president’s invitation to attend a summit in person because of the outbreak.

Her spokesman thanked Mr Trump, but said the German leader “cannot agree to her personal participation, to a journey to Washington”.

On Friday, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson “agreed on the importance of convening the G7 in person in the near future” following a conversation with the US president, the White House said in a statement.

The G7 – or Group of Seven – leaders were scheduled to meet by videoconference in June in response to Covid-19.

The group is made up of the seven of the world’s largest economies.

It regards itself as “a community of values”, with freedom and human rights, democracy and the rule of law, and prosperity and sustainable development as its key principles.

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  1. “It regards itself as “a community of values”, with freedom and human rights, democracy and the rule of law, and prosperity and sustainable development as its key principles.”

    Yeah buddies Russia fit the bill perfectly. I think Trump has lost his marbles. He certainly has a fixation for the mafia country, must be their thriving economy and human rights record.

  2. Outdated because it doesn’t contain the savages and throwbacks of putlerstan that he admires so much?

      • From an old article in Middle East Forum:
        ‘While India is indeed a striking exception to Islam’s near monopoly on contemporary honor killings, Hindu honor killings in India are different in form and commission from those of Muslims in neighboring Pakistan. Though no less gruesome, the Hindu honor killings seem largely confined to the north of India and are perpetuated by sociocultural factors largely specific to India. The millions of Indian Hindus who have immigrated to the West do not bring the practice along with them.’
        It is interesting that the UK’s Hindu population, which is around one million, is largely law-abiding and contributes significantly to the economy, has eliminated such savage practises, whereas the UK’s muzloid population, which is more than three times the size of the Hindu population, (but much less economically productive), continues with all of its barbaric practises intact.
        The brilliant Rishi Sunak is a Hindu. I hope he will be PM in around ten years when Boris retires; hopefully without any interruption from the filth and scum of the Marxist Labour Party.
        If Modi is prepared to ditch his putler affiliation, which he is showing signs of, I’d take his lot in the G7, for purely strategic reasons.

        • Trump looks like he’s on a mission to separate China from India and Russia, but I don’t agree with his tactics. Russia need to be isolated along with China.

          • His speech yesterday about the chicoms was the best I’ve heard from him. If only he could adopt the same stance towards the rodent, instead of licking the bastard’s tiny jackboots!
            But yes, we do need to get India on board, despite the disgusting rape culture there. I’ve been there; it really is a fucking shithole and lots of Indians adore the tiny poisoner, but… needs must.

  3. This will not go down well in Brazil if a US-friendly government is ignored in favor of RuSSia. Trump is an idiot and he knows it.

    • Trump is not an idiot according to Trump, he’s the best POTUS ever, and the most hard working POTUS, he said so. LMAO

  4. “The president said Russia, South Korea, Australia and India should be invited.”
    Isn’t there anyone in the WH to tell the orange orangutan that mafia land’s GDP is number 12 in the world? I don’t think its called G12.

  5. Trumps definition of outdated is anything he does not like.
    Which is pretty mush anything that limits him from doing whatever he wants, whenever he wants and to ever he feels like for what ever reason he can dream up.(Or what Fox News told him to.)
    Ausralia and South Korean go without saying.
    India needs to be included. Thay have a long way to go but would benefit from a stronger Western influence. They also strongly oppose China and losing them as an a market would seriously hurt Russia.(Never a bad thing.)

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