Ukraine Today .org Poll

<noscript><a href=”″>Which event will happen first?  Ukraine Today .org decides</a></noscript>


  • This poll will remain open for one week, have fun!

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  • Hopefully joining Nato will be first. But that Marxist tosspot who still runs it for some inexplicable reason, needs to be shitcanned.

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  • The poll won’t load if you are using Firefox in private browsing mode, but loads up fine in Google browser.

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  • Putin getting reelected is not what I would prefer but it is as inevitable as the sun rising and Trump making a foolish tweet.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Putin being reelected is not a necessary question. The monkey will have this post until he dies or gets killed. That’s as certain as farting every bean of a bean burrito.

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    • Yeah, that was used as the baseline for the poll. Interesting to see what will happen before that and if we can predict it. I trust the wisdom of Ukraine Today readers very much.

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      • With the exception of Lie Seeker of course!
        I went for joining Nato. More in hope than expectation.
        I am concerned that the activities of Marxist revolutionaries in America might cause yet another huge distraction from the necessity of containing the putinazis. The chicom bat virus was one huge gift for them and now that pitiless and senseless attack by a rogue cop on Mr Floyd is another one.
        What is it with Minneapolis? Three years ago in that city, a white Australian woman was shot dead for no reason by a cop who had originally come to America as a ‘refugee’ from one of the world’s most evil shitholes: Somalia. Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to allow such a person into a position of power? He ended up with a derisory 12 year sentence. The chief of police in that city; a woman, was on vacation at the time of the atrocity. She chose not to bother to return and continued enjoying herself. There were of course no riots and no sanctimonious speeches from the fake Hawaiian.

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