Interior minister Avakov reacts to gang shootout in Brovary

The official blames local authorities for corruption in distributing commuter bus transportation quotas between carriers.

Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov has called the shootout in the town of Brovary outside Kyiv “an echo of corruption in determining the quotas for commuter bus carriers.”

“This morning’s shootout in Brovary is an echo of corruption in determining the quotas for commuter bus carriers, while gangs are attracted in fighting for transportation routes. We will deal with this,” the minister wrote on Twitter.

According to Avakov, the police have already detained 10 people, mass arrests are underway.

“The executive bodies of Kyiv and the region are obliged – everything’s rotten there,” the minister said.

As UNIAN reported earlier, about a hundred perpetrators Friday morning were involved in a shootout at a shuttle bus parking lot in the town of Brovary just outside Kyiv.

Police arrived shortly after the incident broke out, detaining 10 armed men involved in the showdown. At least three persons involved in the shootout were wounded.

(c) Unian


  • Reading another article, seems all the arrested are from other regions of Ukraine. Must be a lot of money to be made from these transportation routes. I thought it very strange people would want to catch a bus into Kyiv, then I realised Brovary has no train station, or link to the Metro, so you either catch a bus, or drive into Kyiv yourself.

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    • Rent a mob. Like in Mineapolis. The police chief there said the vandals are not locals. Some were identified as members of Antifa and several islamic groups on YouTube. Does Putin ever sleep?

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      • You get rent a mob anywhere. Looting and smashing up buildings has no connection with this black guy who was shot.

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        • He wasn’t shot. He was suffocated by the officer’s knee. A tragic case. But some actors in the background are abusing this tragedy to stir up crap.

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          • My mistake, must have been reading the Russian version of events.

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          • I saw the video. It was absolutely awful. The poor guy was calling for his mama. It was stone cold murder and the other officer just stood there with total indifference. It is now known that the victim was a vicious criminal who had (many years ago it has to be said) stuck a gun into a woman’s stomach, but even that was not mitigation for a knee on the neck, which is not a recognized restraint procedure anywhere, to my knowledge. In any case they had the cuffs on the guy so it was unnecessary.
            The punishment needs to be swift and harsh. Otherwise Marxist revolutionary types will use it as an excuse for more rioting and thieving.

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            • Cops should be screened for mental health. Too many seem unfit for the job. I understand the anger concerning the scum they have to deal with on a daily basis, but professionalism and military discipline are imperative for being a cop. Can’t shoot or strangle people randomly because they’re having a bad day. Such methods only apply when dealing with islam-nazi scum. 😉

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “The executive bodies of Kyiv and the region are obliged – everything’s rotten there,” the minister said.
    And, hopes were so high during the Euromaidan…

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