Facebook marked the post from the ZIK TV channel as false because of a fake about Ulyana Suprun

Authors:Katerina GoncharovaIndependent fact-checkers monitor misinformation on Facebook and provide links to verified information. This time the social network warns about another fake, spread by ZIK TV channel.

The social network Facebook marked the video posted on the ZIK TV channel page as untrue, as the TV program voiced a fake about the former head of the Ministry of Health Ulyana Suprun . This drew the attention of  Stanislav Hresch yshyn.

According to the link to the video of the ZIK TV channel on Facebook, it can be seen that it is marked “false information”. It is also noted that the post was “verified by independent fact controllers.” Users are invited to go to the Stopfake fact checkers site and find out why the information in this video is not true.

August 6, 2019 in  TV channel ZIK political expert Vladimir Katsma district said that Juliana Suprun has no higher education.

” However, the statement about the absence of the former head of the Ministry of Health Ulyana Suprun is not true. The Law on the Cabinet of Ministers  in force at the time of Ulyana Suprun’s appointment  stipulated that members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine must have higher education (Article 7). Applying for the position, candidate Ulyana Suprun applied for the degree of Doctor of Medicine (University of Michigan). The diploma of graduation from the university was issued on June 9, 1989 in the maiden name of Mrs. Suprun – Ulyana N. Yurkiv. At the request of StopFake , the University of Michigan confirmed that Ulyana (Yurkiv) Suprun had indeed studied at this university since 26/9/1985 and received her Doctor of Medicine degree on June 9, 1989, ”the publication reads.

The statement from the same interview with Volodymyr Katsman about the unconstitutionality of medical reform is also untrue, the fact-checkers clarify:

“ On February 9, 2018, the Constitutional Court of Ukraine did announce the receipt of the constitutional petition of 59 deputies of Ukraine on the compliance of the Constitution of Ukraine (constitutionality) with the Law of Ukraine“ On State Financial Guarantees of Medical Care ”of October 19, 2017 № 2168– V ІІІ. However, at the time of Volodymyr Katsman’s statement, the petition was not considered and the decision on the unconstitutionality of the so-called law on medical reform was not adopted . ”  

The information posted on the social network is checked by independent fact checkers.  Fake about COVID-19 began to be deleted on Facebook and Instagram  back in January this year. However, experts monitor posts for the existence of fakes there, not only about the coronavirus.

In a comment to MediaSapiens, Stopfake co-founder Olga Yurkova confirms that the organization’s experts check the materials on Facebook, and in case of misinformation – explain which data is true.

“Our experts examine the materials distributed in acebook, and if it was fake, then designate them as false, attaching a link to a refutation,” – she specified.

ZIK TV is part of the Noviny holding owned by Taras Kozak , an MP from the OPZH and an ally of Putin ‘s godfather Viktor Medvedchuk . It is not the first time that the media from Medvedchuk’s pool have spread misinformation about Ulyana Suprun and medical reform.

The fake that the former head of the Ministry of Health Ulyana Suprun allegedly has no higher education and is a “nurse” / “paramedic” was debunked a few years ago. In addition, everyone can check this information in a few clicks: a copy of Ms. Suprun’s diploma can be found even on Wikipedia . However, the manipulation of her lack of higher education is still periodically repeated in some media.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Facebook for a month found 50 million posts with fakes about a coronavirus.

In addition, Facebook and YouTube recently blocked a well-known conspiracy theorist who linked the coronavirus to 5G.

And the other day, for the first time in history, Twitter marked the post of US president as unreliable .

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