Ukrainian woman uses underwear as face mask after service denied at post office

May 27, 2020 – NY Post / Fox News

Ukrainian woman has gone viral for removing her panties and wearing them as a face mask after being refused service at a post office, according to a report.

The woman was caught pulling off the stunt on surveillance footage at the Nova Posha post office in Kiev, where she walked up to the counter without a face covering, the Sun reported.

When told that she would not be provided service without a required mask, the flustered woman removed her pants in front of stunned customers — then took off her white panties and placed them over her face.

Witnesses said the woman is a mother of two who was unhappy with safety measures imposed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Well, she found a way around it,” one person said in a social media post. “No one has banned the use of panties instead of a mask yet!”

Another user said: “She was lucky she wasn’t wearing a thong that day, otherwise the idea would have failed!”

The video was posted online by a postal employee who now faces punishment for sharing the footage.

In April, Ukrainian authorities ordered all residents to carry an ID and wear a mask in public.


      • Well, she got the “shop clerk” part wrong because it was a post office. Imagine that. I read a lot of comments about this article on Fox News and I only read a couple of negative things about Ukraine and others hammered them pretty quickly. She should be careful with Kremlin Karma or an apartment building could fall on her too.

  1. Probably alcohol or drugs involved. Simply disgusting. Hopefully a judge will throw the book at the guy who leaked this.

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