Ukrainian Navy tests new artillery boat

Ukrainian Navy tests new artillery boat

PHOTOS27.05.2020 11:30

Small armored artillery boats of the Ukrainian Navy have completed a number of tasks, checking the technical capabilities of a new boat at sea, the press service of the Ukrainian Defense Ministry has reported.

“Small armored artillery boats of the national fleet have recently completed a number of tasks at sea. The peculiarity of them putting out to sea was the need to test in practice the technical capabilities of a new artillery boat. Among the various tasks performed by the crews was testing an automatic system of protection against the guidance of enemy weapons,” the statement reads.

According to the press service, the sophisticated modern equipment of the boats helps protect the crew and the hull of the boat with the help of “thermal traps” that work automatically when the object is rayed. This system resembles an aircraft protection system.

Smoke is no less important and effective way of protection. Just as tanks on the battlefield use integrated smoke curtain systems to save the machine from the laser guidance of guided anti-tank systems, boats are capable of forming a huge cloud of smoke. The area covered by the smoke helps not only to prevent aiming but also to completely hide visually, for a while, the exact location of the boat.

The crews of the boats have coped with the set they had to perform, the press service said.

Photo credit: Ukrainian Defense Ministry


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