Schroeder verbally abuses Ukraine’s Ambassador in Germany

Former German Chancellor called Andriy Melnyk a “midget”

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder got involved in a scandal with Ukraine’s Ambassador in Germany Andriy Melnyk. The story occurred, as Schroeder spoke during the first edition of Agenda, his new audio podcast on May 26. Deutsche Welle quoted the politician as saying.

“One should not nibble each other with sanctions. I tried to point out it was fair against Russia, too. Why then the ambassador or the foromer Foreign Minister from Ukraine criticizes me?”, Schroeder said, talking to his former press secretary Bela Anda.

“Yes, the ambassador”, Anda replied.

At that, Schroeder did not call the ambassador by the name, instread, he called him a “midget”.

“No one cares about it, not even in Germany”, Schroeder said, commenting on Melnyk’s critics regarding his perception in Russia.

German media assume that Schroeder’s rage was caused by Andriy Melnyk’s interview with Tagesspiel in early May. In it, the Ukrainian ambassador criticized Schroeder’s saying, as he offered to lift the sanctions from Russia. The Ukrainian official called Schroeder “top lobbyist of Russian leader Putin”.

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  • “The Ukrainian official called Schroeder “top lobbyist of Russian leader Putin”.

    Seems Herr Schroeder has a bad case of the Russian disease, he can’t face the truth. This nazi will feel right at home carrying out orders from the world’s No1 nazi.

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    • Western members of the political and media elite who act as paid shills for putlerstan are key components of its war effort and deserve be treated accordingly. Mass trials in The Hague followed by seizure of assets and life imprisonment. However, one can hardly expect such decisive action while Ukraine continues to allow dangerous Fifth Columnists such as Medvedchuk to continue to operate with impunity.
      Schroeder is an exceptionally vile piece of work who needs to be strung up.

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  • Imagine what would happen if Schroeder’s skanky SPD got back in power: it would become a leftist version of Orbanistan.

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    • Slightly off topic. I noticed a lot of negative articles about Ukraine recently on the Mailonline. Not sure where the Russian connection is, I couldn’t find one, but today they posted an article about Ukraine that first appeared on RT.

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      • Do you have a link?
        Its sister paper the MOS has one of the most evil putler shills in the UK; Peter Hitchens. Only Giorgi G’Allahweih, JeremIRA CorbLenin and Seumas Milne are worse.
        The arsehole also has a blog in the DM that has been promoting kremkrapp since even before Georgia, but he was the first to insert spiteful hate propaganda against Saakash and stepped it up with Ukraine. In 2012 he went to Crimea and wrote an article that was designed to prepare the way for 2014. I will dig it out and send the link. It really is a disgusting piece.
        Occasionally the DM allows the highly intelligent CEPA member; Edward Lucas to counterbalance Hitchens with excellent informed articles.

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        • It is a nothing article, but just a trend I’ve noticed lately with the Mail, any negative story about Ukraine always finds it’s way onto their website. The author of the mail article is a woman called Roksana Panashchuk who seems to be the person responsible for these anti Ukrainian articles. Nearly all her articles are about Ukraine. She is a Ukrainian herself, but no doubt she is of the Russian variety.

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          • I would say that those are grotesque examples of soft propaganda designed to make people sneer at ‘backward’ Ukraine.
            I can’t bring myself to read bbc news these days, but a friend of mine sent a bbc link to a putrid story which said that in Ukraine, dogs are auctioned off to pay debts.


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            • The BBC can’t even get facts right.

              “Daily life for many Ukrainians is expensive, with pensions failing to keep pace with the steep rises in gas bills in recent years.”

              This is from the Ukrainian government site.

              Under the terms of the program, every consumer of Ukraine from January 1, 2020 (citizens and district heating suppliers) till May 1, 2020, automatically becomes member of the program. The cost price of gas from NJSC Naftogaz of Ukraine within the framework of the program will be UAH 6.96 per cubic meter with VAT (excluding tariffs for transportation to the household). This price is record low fixed for the heating season over the past two years.

              This is a prime example of unprofessional, lazy journalism.

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              • Exactly. The bbc is swarming with hard leftists who support putler simply because they love anyone and anything that hates Britain.
                Look at the absurd storm, orchestrated by bbc Labour shill journalists against Dominic Cummings. They want his head on a stick because he is seen as the prime mover on Brexit. It is clear to the left that Brexit will weaken them and the chicom bat virus is a golden opportunity for them to get their putrid ideology back on the agenda.

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              • англійський масон

                All you need to do when they post shite like that is to post official documents showing the truth. I have found that the best form of defence and retaliation.

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  • “Midget”, he must have confused the Ambassador with Putin.

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  • Schroeder and Tony Blair are evil scum! Anti-American to the core eversince! Their verbal diarrhea is meaningless garbage. Just tell Gerhard to GFH and move on.

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