Russia’s Health Ministry wants to stop counting coronavirus patients ‘without complaints’

Russia’s Health Ministry is now recommending that officials refrain from counting COVID-19 patients “without complaints,” apparently meaning that infected persons without symptoms will no longer be included in Russia’s coronavirus patient population statistics.

“If the virus is detected without complaints and any accompanying objective information, this condition should be assessed as a carrier of the virus and coded under the heading Z22.8. These cases are not included in morbidity or mortality statistics,” the Health Ministry said in a new memo.

Russia currently has the third-highest number of coronavirus infections in the world, recording 370,680 COVID-19 cases since the start of the pandemic. In recent days, roughly 8,500 people have tested positive for the disease on a daily basis.

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  1. The problem with the Covid 19 has been to know if a patient has died due to Covid or has died while also have Covid.
    Unless mass testing and antibody testing is done to see how much of the population had the virus and didn’t get unwell, it will always be difficult to tell.

    I frankly don’t get why any country will hide the true scale of the outbreak. The numbers from China are an absolute joke. In U.K., the official numbers had been only hospital diagnosed patients. Anyone dying of Covid in nursing homes was not including in the daily tallies.

    I’d say the USA with close to 100,000 deaths, tested the whole population and it was found that 150 million had Covid and rexoveeed while 100K died, the percentages would suddenly look very small. But as it stands, only symptomatic people are rested, and this will raise the percentages.

    Either way, the unnecessary death of any single person due to Covid is unforgivable from countries that spend fortunes on making guns and bombs.

    If 10% of the military budget of Russia, China. uS or UK has been used by their respective countries on preventative health, there could be a suddenly outcome.
    Doctors run out of PPEs in hospital but no one will ever hear of soldiers running out of bullets on unnecessary military adventures abroad.

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