Russia Seizes 40 Tons of Embargoed European Cheeses

Russia in 2014 banned wholesale imports from the European Union of most types of fresh foods. Federal Customs Service

Russia on Wednesday seized 40 tons of European cheeses smuggled into the country in breach of an embargo on EU food imports, the customs service said

The cheese was found at a port near the northwestern city of St. Petersburg in four containers labeled as a component used to produce rubber.

The shipment included Dorblu blue cheese and Italian hard cheeses such as Grana Padano, the customs service said.

It published a video of a sniffer dog eagerly running up to piles of boxes, with an officer opening them to reveal round packaged cheeses.

The containers also contained instant coffee, chocolate biscuits and washing-up liquid, pictures showed. 

Russia in 2014 banned wholesale imports from the European Union of most types of fresh foods. 

This was in response to EU sanctions over Russia’s actions in Ukraine including the annexation of Crimea.

The customs operation also involved FSB security services, the customs service said in a statement.

They are now searching for those behind the smuggling operation.

Russia’s dairy association has said that the domestic cheese-making industry grew by a third between 2013 and 2018, helped by the lack of competition from European companies.

However the quality of mass-produced Russian cheese is often low, while artisanal cheese is very expensive.



  • However the quality of mass-produced Russian cheese is often low, while artisanal cheese is very expensive.


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  • Russians: First try to make cheese, and than 100 years later try to make a simple wooden plane, not a stealth one.

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  • англійський масон

    Life in the shithole must be good, comrades are blessed, the need to spend time shopping for food has been reduced, you can only buy potatoes and bread.

    With the extra time glorious peoples republic of russia now gives you, you can spend more time drinking gut rot vodka and beating your wife.

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    • Cheap and lazy Russian propaganda translation.
      I’m sure Cyprus found another market to sell to. I bet those figures were conveniently left out. Besides I don’t hear a peep out of them about removing sanctions.

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      • Maybe this is the reason. Unless the FT is Russian propaganda as well.


      • You will see that the poisonous putler jackboot licker calling itself truth seeker has replied to you with a piece from the FT. The FT is of course famous for being pink, which is no accident, as so are its politics. It is far more concerned with liberalist issues such as immigration (in favour of an unfiltered mass influx of dross from everywhere), globalism and unrestrained Europhilia. It maintains an office in Moscow and has never been known to show any concern for the plight of Ukraine and Georgia.
        The article that TS posts is correct; but not in the way that the piece of shit intends. The sanctions have not worked and are not working; simply because they are far too feeble to force any change of policy from TS’s hero.
        Sanctions do work as a tool but they need to be ferocious and vigorously enforced, which is why the rodent gets away literally with murder.

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        • I will simplify it for you. Sanctions work as a coercion tool only so much. And once a country weathers the first 3-5 years of the sanctions, they become a pointless exercise. New markets are found, local production is increased.

          You say they need to be draconian. Well maybe so. But don’t forget that sanctions cut both ways. If there is an exisorimg business relationship and you impose severe sanctions on a party, they are not the only one that feels the pain while the other is unscathed. Everyone will feel the hurt. It maybe be to varying degrees but everyone will feel it.

          Unlike you, I don’t spout wishful thinking by just stating that sanctions work just to feel good about it. If the USA has failed to bring lowly Cuba to its knees with a full scale American embargo, how will these sanctions produce the desired outcome from Russia ?


          • Rewarding bad behavior begets MORE bad behavior. I’ve never seen anything to the contrary with the Moskali.

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          • Cuba has a higher living standard than most of Russia. Also Cuba chose isolation herself decades ago, and is not so much dependend on foreign trade. Russia on the other hand, depends largely on foreign exports. The reason the sanctions don’t bite is that oil and gas are excempt.

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            • I disagree regarding Cuba. You are a US citizen. You cannot book a flight and visit Cuba just like that. You would need special permission. The point is to strangulate Their economy by not allowing tourism funds from the US. That wasn’t Cuba’s choice. Cuba simply chose socialism. And while I don’t agree with that type of economy, it was their choice.l to decide what system they want. But not to have a 50 year trade embargo.


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