Police arrest four assassins detained for trying to kill leader of intl drug syndicate

Employees of the National Police of Ukraine detained four foreign citizens in Odesa involved in the shooting in Kyiv on May 26, as a result of which a man was injured, the press service of the police said.

According to law enforcement authorities, the victim turned out to be a citizen of Montenegro, who is placed on the international wanted list and is one of the leaders and organizer of the drug cartel, which supplies drugs in most European countries.

“The main version of the attempted murder was the criminal activity of the victim, a possible redistribution of spheres of influence in the organization itself, as well as between the Balkan criminal clans that control drug trafficking,” said Ihor Klymenko, the head of Ukraine’s National Police.

Law enforcement officers promptly identified those involved in the attack. They were citizens of Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia, one of whom is internationally wanted for contract killing.

Klymenko explained that they arrived in Ukraine in early May, purchased vehicles, automatic firearms in advance and organized surveillance of the future victim and his family. The attackers were waiting for the victim near his house.

Two attackers fired five shots at the victim, then got into a car and fled the scene. A few hundred meters later, they stopped and set fire to the car to destroy the evidence. After analyzing the video from the surveillance cameras, police found that the “shooters” were waiting for their accomplices.

“The police established a route and a car on which they were heading towards the Odesa region to leave the country beyond customs control across the Ukrainian-Moldovan border. Realizing that the attackers were armed, police involved SWAT (KORD) units to help detain the killers. Officers of the Department of Strategic Investigations of the National Police, Criminal Investigation, Main Investigation Department, Odesa regional pol and SWAT teams detained four people. At the same time, the attackers resisted and tried to escape,” Klymenko said.

At the moment, urgent investigative actions are underway. The issue of informing detainees of suspicion and choosing a measure of restraint is being resolved.

Criminal proceedings are being investigated under Part 2 of Article 15 and Part 2 of Article 115 (attempted murder) of Ukraine’s Criminal Code.

As reported, on Tuesday, May 26, at about 18:20, a 37-year old man was shot and hospitalized. The attackers fled.

(c) Interfax

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  • “Klymenko explained that they arrived in Ukraine in early May, purchased vehicles, automatic firearms in advance and organized surveillance of the future victim and his family.”

    The question is, how did these guys enter Ukraine in early May, according to the government, all foreigners without residence permits are barred from entering Ukraine. This was from April 6.

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