Former US ambassadors release statement due to “Derkach films”

Former U.S. ambassadors to Ukraine made a statement in connection with an attempt to drag Ukraine into U.S. internal affairs amid preparations for the U.S. presidential election in 2020.

A statement signed by six ex-ambassadors is published on the Atlantic Council website.

“We are annoyed by the efforts to draw Ukraine into American domestic politics as the US presidential election approaches in 2020. These efforts are promoting a false and poisonous narrative that has no reason to weaken relations between the United States and Ukraine and provoke a split between our countries, ”the statement said.

American diplomats “ strongly condemned” the attempts to draw Ukraine into US domestic political processes and called on both Ukrainian and American officials to avoid steps that could undermine bilateral relations and divide the two countries.

The document was signed by former US ambassadors in Kiev Roman Popadyuk, Stephen Pifer, Carlos Pascual, John Herbst, William Taylor, John Tefft, Marie Jovanovic.

The ambassadors’ statement was released against the backdrop of the publication of ” Derkach films”, which allegedly testify to the influence of ex-vice president of the United States Joseph Biden on the fifth president of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

Audio recordings released MP Andrei Derkach . According to him, the materials date back to 2015–2016 and, in particular, they refer to the need to dismiss Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin at that time, “who at that time was investigating the Burisma case and went to Biden.”

Poroshenko himself , commenting on the so-called  Derkach films”, stated that this was a  large-scale special operation against Ukraine” and admitted that the President’s Office was related to it.

Joe Biden’s headquarters said the film was “edited nonsense.”

The State Bureau of Investigation opened a criminal case on this fact .

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  • We all know which country is trying to drive a wedge between the US and Ukraine. Yes, the world’s No1 terrorist state, Muscovy. I hope the US are not deceived by this BS, and listen to these Ambassadors.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “Poroshenko himself , commenting on the so-called “ Derkach films”, stated that this was a “ large-scale special operation against Ukraine” and admitted that the President’s Office was related to it”
    Currently, I wouldn’t put it past the television clown to such a filthy act.
    I agree with foccuser. But, I’m certain that our experts will analyze the tape down to the last byte and determine its prevarication and perhaps even its origin.

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