Entire police unit disbanded in Kyiv region after two cops arrested on rape, assault charges

The victim, a 26-year-old female, was allegedly attacked at the station after being detained.

Photo from UNIAN

Photo from UNIAN

Two policemen of the Kaharlyk police unit in Kyiv region were put into custody after a local woman pressed rape and assault charges against them, which also led to the disbanding of the entire unit by National Police leadership.

On May 24, a woman, 26, reported to a hospital in Kaharlyk, stating that she had been beaten up and raped at a police station and that the policemen were involved. The investigation was immediately launched by the National Police’s internal security department.

Preliminary checks revealed evidence confirming the report filed by the woman who had earlier been brought to the Kaharlyk station to be interviewed in a theft case.

The policemen implicated in committing the crime have been put into custody. Further probe was entrusted to the State Bureau of Investigation, in line with jurisdiction. Chairman of the National Police, Ihor Klymenko, fired the two policemen, removed the Kaharlyk unit’s chiefs, and decided to disband the entire unit, appointing snap qualification assessment of all personnel.

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  1. It almost seems as if Zelensky’s country is following mafia land evermore.
    Bring the hammer down hard on these filthy cretins. Make examples out of them. Hang them high!

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